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One with Christ

Memorize: Hebrews 2:11

For both he that sanctifieth and they who are sanctified are all of one: for which cause he is not ashamed to call them brethren,

Read: Hebrews 2:1-12

The beauty of the salvation man has from the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is that, though Christ be God, He humbled Himself to the point of becoming equals with man through sanctification. We are sanctified by the word of truth which is by the grace we receive through His death for our sin. Through the sanctification, we are fused with Christ and that is why He refers to us as His bride. Incidentally, man is the greatest beneficiary of the fusion. This is because although we were hitherto condemned to death because of our sin, now we have been translated unto righteousness through Him that sanctifies us. We are now upgraded from rot to oneness with the sanctifier and therefore He, our Sanctifier, is not ashamed to call us brethren.

In another manner of speaking, since Jesus is the Son of God and His Heir, by our fusion with Him, we become also sons of God and joint heirs with Him. What a privilege we have in Jesus Christ. It therefore becomes so baffling how man messes up with such great grace so freely given. It is freely given because of love which God expects us to reciprocate and not take for granted.

For all intents and purposes, everyone that is a joint heir with Christ is given the opportunity to have all the rights and privileges of the son of God just like Christ. This means, like Christ is the Creator, you also have the capacity to create; He is Healer, to heal also; He is glorious, to be glorious too; He is the Lion of Judah, to be fierce also and so on. If you are in Christ and you are yet to start manifesting these features, it is not because it is not available but because you fail to make use of it by your faith. For the just shall live by faith. The Lord has presented to us all things that will make our living on earth and in eternity glorious. All we require is to shore up our faith and start to manifest it.

Those who were before us put their faith to action and they saw signs and wonders. When are you going to start putting your faith to action knowing that you are now one with Christ? Why must you suffer lack in plenty? The lord is asking you to rise to the occasion: put your assigned privilege to good use going forward. You are born to rule and be in dominion.

Pray: Thank you father for the grace to be one with you. As I shore up my faith from today, let signs and wonders be manifest in my deeds henceforth in Jesus name.

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