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Perfection is key!

Key verse: Colossians 1:28

Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus:

Read: Psalms 45:10-17

Every man is very keen on the manner of woman he is betrothed to. No man is satisfied with having a wife who is in whoredom simply because the same apart from belittling him defiles him. The Church is the bride of Christ. The Lord is pure and cannot marry anything that is impure. That is why He comes to present to His Father, a Church without spot or wrinkle. To attain this, He has invested so much in some people to help in culturing His bride by the washing of water by the word. Because Christ is Royalty, He cannot present anyone short of royalty. Therefore, the eunuchs are instructed to ensure the bride is perfect in Him.

When Vashti misbehaved as queen to Ahasuerus and another was sort to replace her, eunuchs were assigned to prepare virgins for the king to choose from. Whatever the eunuchs presented were the virgins to use to be pleasing to the king. Mordecai advised his virgin niece never to deviate from what the eunuch taught her and once she obeyed, she became the preferred one in that the king saw the beauty in her. The Lord has sent out seasoned preachers to ensure His Church is made perfect and ready through preaching and teachings of the truth of the Gospel. They strive day and night for the perfection of the Church. Like in the book of Esther, those virgins who do not come out perfect shall be ignored and jettisoned. It is only the perfect beauty like portrayed in our reading that will be qualified.

Where do you belong? Are you one of them that the Lord has invested so much in to be able to feed His lamb or His sheep? How are you faring in the assignment? Aren’t you feeding them with garbage and therefore preparing an imperfect lot? The Lord can see. Or are you part of those that are to be cultured by the Lord’s agents but you refuse to hearken so that as much as they pour the water in the word for your cleansing you allow it go to waste? The Lord sees you. Anything short of perfection is not appealing to Him. Make up your mind today. Teach as expected. For you the recipient, obey for your good. Like the five foolish virgins, those who are not found perfect will not be wedded to the bridegroom. Please be aware.

Pray: Father, I cherish your love and I want to be with you forever. Whatever will bar me from achieving this, please help to remove with your word in Jesus name.

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