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Power over the nations

Memorize: Revelation 2:26

And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations:

Read: Revelation 2:18-27

There is a dangerous trend in the world emanating from a part of the Church like the prophesy against the Church in Thyatira. The spirit of Jezebel which is whoredom has penetrated a section of the church. Whoredom/fornication is not just in unmarried people literarily lying with one another. But, because the Church is the bride of Christ, anything done in romance with darkness is fornication and whoredom.

The church has allowed heretical teachings bordering on prosperity and tending towards the love of Mammon, having a mind for the things of this world as against seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, to thrive on the pulpit. That is the spirit of Jezebel. Incidentally, although those who permit such to be have their judgment, God expects us to test all spirits and hold on to that which is true. It is by this that we can decipher the truth and keep the Lord’s works to the end. Falling in the days of such whoredom is no excuse for any. If, however, we can overcome to the end and stand, there is great reward in doing so. We are assured power over the nations. Consider Paul: whilst preaching, a damsel with an evil spirit spoke as if in support of the gospel but as a distraction. But, because Paul could discern what was in operation, he rebuked the spirit in her and prevailed.

You and I can equally obtain power over the nations if we refuse to enter the Jezebelic whoredom that pervades the earth today. Many are now falling over one another with a view to satisfying their fleshly desires not minding the dictates of the spirit anymore. The Lord is issuing a warning to His Church in this generation to beware.

Are you mindful of your actions whether they are approved of God? If you have been in whoredom before now, please repent and retrace your steps urgently as the Lord has promised great tribulation for those caught in it. You can live to satisfy your God and lover so as not to fulfil the desire of Jezebel which tends to a great peril. When you do, you are guaranteed power over the nations to the extent that you rule and reign over them.


Father, in any way I may have strayed from your love through the deceit of the enemy, please forgive me. Do help to cause me to refocus fully on you that I may not partake of the great tribulation set out for the children of disobedience in Jesus name.

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