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Power to Create

Focus: John 15:7 - KJV

7. If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.

Joshua 10:8-15

There is a capacity available to man which many are yet to attain. Christ made it clear in John 14:13 that whatsoever we shall ask in His name, He would do for us. Whatsoever indicates that there is something that exists and desired; if we ask for it, we can have it. In our focus of today, He says we shall ask what we will. The difference is, even if what is willed is non-existent or unprecedented, then it can be made available. The condition for this is interesting: abiding in Him and having His word abide in us. Being in Him is by opening up to Him and letting Him become the Lord of your life. To ensure you are in Him, there is need to study and know His word. When we do know it, we are said to have His word abiding in us. When God commissioned Joshua after he was laid hands on by Moses, the instruction of God to him was to have the word of God in his mouth, meditating and acting on it for him to have good success. As fate will have it, because Joshua complied, he was able to create a scenario that never happened before and even now, after him. He caused the sun and moon to stay in their orbits for about twenty four hours. That is having what he willed even though it never existed hitherto.

God is true to His Word. What Christ says in our focus is similar to the injunction that Joshua received which made him do something unprecedented. If He did it then, He can do it again. Like Joshua called a thing that was not into being, we can also do same in this age and dispensation. What is needed is firm base inside God and a firm base of the Word of God inside us. When we have the two in operation, if we can imagine a thing, the Lord, if asked, can on our behalf make it be. If we have so great a potential, then there is no basis for us to keep suffering lack in whatever aspect. If scientists could think up jets, spaceships and submarines, those who originally belong to God should be able to think novel things and have them be. Today, the Lord is requesting that we fulfil the needful and start to create new things that man had not seen, if only we can imagine it. Let the creations begin.

SOLUTION: Let us improve on learning the Word of God. With the Word in us, fresh ideas will develop. We can thus ask God to bring the ideas into materialization when we ask Him to.

The Lord will fill us with fresh ideas for the resolution of difficulties facing mankind in Jesus name. From now on, creative thoughts will be welled up in us and as we ask God for the realization, the Lord will make it happen for us in Jesus name. Our tomorrow surely shall be alright. Keep hope alive.

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