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Praise the Lord!

Text: Psalms 63:3

Because thy lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee.

Read: Exodus 15:1-13

This day is the last one in the year 2020. The year of unprecedented lockdown due to a pandemic; the year when the Church of God got a transformation from cobweb ministration to going wide into all the world virtually; the year of great purging and renewal. We ought to give God praise in all of it that we are still standing even on the last day.

Yes, praise God: it is because of His lovingkindness that is better than life itself that we are even now. He is a God of mercy and grace. During the year, many died and are forgotten. Yet the Lord remains God. He rescued many from the terminal virus and they are alive to testify. What a marvelous God we serve. Consider the enemies that arose against you during the year. If not for God, they would have prevailed over you. But God dealt with them all without you having to raise a sword other than pray.

Some have had the greatest of breakthroughs in the course of the year because for them, though the world was saying there was a casting down, for them it is a lifting by the power of the Most High. Why won’t we praise the Lord? Only the thoughtful will be thankful.

If the Lord tarries in His coming, another great year lies ahead each one of us. But, if the occurrences on the earth are gauged based on the delimiting of years, some will pray that a year like 2020 should never come again while others would prefer a repeat. But God dwells in heaven and does as He pleases. It does not matter what the year 2020 was to you, the Lord is not limited by the compartmentalization of time and space into years. It is rather as He wills. So, for a user of this Guide, even before the cross over night today, the Lord will visit you with the best of blessings in the name of Jesus.

If only you will hearken and praise Him for His deeds in your life, then will you surely see the manifestation of the glory of God upon your life. Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2021 in advance. Praise the Lord!

Pray: Lord, I praise your name for your goodness and your wonderful works over my life and family. Please let your lovingkindness never depart from us till we meet with you in eternity in Jesus name. Thank you Father.

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