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Praises Unto God

Focus: Psalms 148:3 - KJV

3. Praise ye him, sun and moon: praise him, all ye stars of light.

Psalm 148:1-13

Man may not know that all creatures have their ways of expressing themselves unto the Lord, our Creator. When He created all, He made man the overseer. That would not have been necessary if the other creatures, outside man, are not so relevant to God. When every creature does what they are created to do, they actually give praise to God by it. For instance, when the sun shines so brightly, it gives praises unto the One who had given it its being. The moon in turn, who takes light from the sun and beams the same unto the earth, also gives praises unto God for the way it is made. Even though in the sight of man, the stars are not as bright as the moon, they are actually bright beings but for their distance to the earth. They praise God. When the trees do hit their branches together, they are seen to be clapping and praising God. Ditto the sea: when it roars up and down, it praises the Lord.

Incidentally, even though many men do praise the Lord in their ways and manners, men do not praise God enough despite all the Lord does for man and putting him in charge of all the other creatures. Imagine God giving Samson the kind of power he had at the time, to lift a city gate up the hill, tear up a lion with ordinary hands, light up the tails of many foxes without getting hurt etc., and he had no word of praise for the Lord but himself? Many men are in that mold and do not give praise to God for their beings and more particularly when it seems they are achieving much on earth. God is not bereft of praise but denying him of human praise is pitching man against Him in the place of authority.

Those who do praise God enjoy great benefits from Him. The creatures we described earlier, need not farm or hunt to blossom. God sees to their blossoming as they praise the Lord. Invariably, we miss out on shining brightly and much more when we fail to praise the source of our shining whilst we still shine a bit. When Samson refused to give praise to God like every creature should, he found himself in a terrible state subsequently. It is therefore, important for every one of us to resolve to praise God from time to time. Doing that draws His presence to us.

SOLUTION: Waking up in the morning is a special privilege for which we ought to praise the Lord. So, praise Him every time you find your breath in the morning and don’t fail to praise Him for “your achievements” as He is the One that gives you the power to get wealth.

Please pray in this manner: Father, I love you for who you are to me and for all you do. Be forever glorified in Jesus’ name. I cannot praise you enough for all you do, please be glorified in Jesus’ name. Help me to praise you more all the days of my life in Jesus’ name. You are my God forever; please receive all the praise in Jesus’ name.

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