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Prayers Like Of Old

Focus: Acts 4:31 - KJV

31. And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness.

Acts 16:25-30

There was a time in this life, when believers prayed and saw physical impact of their prayers, immediately. A man claimed that he prayed alone at night, and there was a great tremor that shook the ground and made pictures fall from walls in faraway cities. The effect was a great revival in the land where he operated. That birth was as a result of a conception that occurred when a few believers prayed in Tulsa Oklahoma that shook a building to its foundation causing the closure thereof, for many years. This presupposes that the God that caused the earth to open in the days of Moses, to swallow those who rebelled, still answers prayers of believers, when the prayers are rendered with pure hearts, and by people with clean hands.

The example of the disciples of Christ glares all Bible readers in the face. Truth is, when more people pray together and with the same mind and focus, mighty things happen that translate people to righteousness. The disciples prayed and the Holy Ghost came down, at Pentecost. The result? Three thousand brethren joined the Church at once. Paul and Silas prayed in prison: when the Holy Ghost showed forth for them, there was an earthquake and they were set free. The result: their jailor got converted as well as other in mates. They needed not be preached to. Every time and anywhere we decide truthfully to call on God, He is available by His Spirit to answer, with signs and wonders following.

Of a truth, the Church is bombarded today by almost unprecedented opposition and many are weary such that they can no longer witness. Darkness appears to be winning, putting many more people in bondage, and even capturing many from the fold, because the shepherds are fainting. When the same form of crisis confronted the early Christians in Acts 4, they prayed and there was an earthquake, the effect of which gave them renewed boldness to witness without fear. It is time to pray beloved. Even though you have never prayed for there to be an earthquake before, you can do so today, if you would first purge yourself of every thought and action that do not agree with godliness. The Lord is waiting eagerly for you to approach Him in spirit and in truth. If you will do so today, you will surely witness the miraculous.

SOLUTION: God is no respecter of persons. Call on Him today in your closet. If you have a believing family, agree with them and, like the widow of one of the sons of the prophets, lock yourselves up, preferably at night, and cry unto God to show up in your circumstance, empowering you some more for His Kingdom.

Please pray: Father, you showed up for Paul and Silas; this very day, as I call on you, let there be thundering and earthquake, by your Spirit, in answer to my petitions, in the name of Jesus Christ. Let there be great conversion to Christ as a result thereof Lord, in Jesus’ name.

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