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Proof of Knowing Him

Focus: 1 John 2:3-4 - KJV

3. And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments. 4. He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.

Daniel 11:32

The knowledge of God gives us undiluted information about Him to the extent that we do not attribute to Him who He is not. For instance, if anyone describes God as one who is unforgiving, the same will be ascribing to Him who He is not and therefore will miss the point as he will be describing and owing allegiance to something else and not God. This is why God said to Job’s friends that they did not represent Him correctly. Since there is no lie in Him, a misdescription amounts to a lie and therefore a misrepresentation. To show that we know God, the proof is in obeying His commands for it is by their fruits that we know them. As God has said thou shall not lie, it is not difficult to depict that a liar knows not God; neither does a fornicator, adulterer or coax jester. If anyone operates habitually against the commands of God, the same hardly knows Him. Those who do know Him are His friends and they obey His commands. As a result of that, while liars and pretenders are corrupted by flatteries, those who know their God are strong and they do exploits in the face of odds. Many ministers of the Gospel have allowed themselves to be corrupted by flatteries when, even though they make error in their attributes of the Lord, the people hail them on as wonderful people of God. Elijah boasted and beat his chest as a man of God to roast the people the Lord needed him to reconcile to Himself. Because the people looked at him as such, he did not think he should stop and just went on with his murderous acts supposedly in the name of God. On the converse side, Daniel knew that the position of God is to be with us in dare situations so, when he was conscripted into the den of lions all he could do was submit himself to God and he came out valiant.

Do you keep the commands of God or you just do what you will at any point in time? For the world to know that you do know God and you belong to Him, your deeds must show that you obey Him. Incidentally, even the devil knows His commands. So, when you are in denial, he finds you out. This is why the agents of darkness are quick to attack the church or pastors whom they assume are in error. They know what is erroneous and what is not. Be resolute in obeying God’s commands and real soon, your exploits will dumbfound the world.

SOLUTION: No one can claim to know God without the knowledge of His word. No one knows the word of God until schooled in the Holy Spirit. He is the one that knows the deep things. Without the knowledge of the deep things, there are bound to be misrepresentations. So, study and meditate on the word by the help of the Holy Spirit, always. And then stick with the instructions extracted to do them.

Father, thank you for the little we know of you thus far. Please help us by your Spirit that we may know you intimately so that we may never fall into error regarding your commands in Jesus’ name. In all our doings please keep us strong that we may continually do exploits in your name in the name of Jesus Christ. Please make your Spirit available to everyone that curries your knowledge even as we meditate in your word from now, in Jesus’ name.

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