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Prove all things

Focus: 1 Thessalonians 5:21 - KJV

21. Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

1 Kings 3:16-28

There are many, even though in leadership positions, that are rather hasty in judgment. When a matter is presented to them, they take it as it is presented and start to deal with the party the matter was made against like a villain. Most of the time, when matters are so presented, they are tainted to favor the presenter. By believing the presenter and not allowing the victim an opportunity to defend the position, they have many times killed unknowingly. Yet, the injunction of God is to prove all things and hold that which is good. These ones proved nothing and therefore had no opportunity to get the good. Problem is, how is the victim of their wickedness to be recompensed? That now becomes something they answer for in judgment to God who will ask them how they had treated their “brother”. Solomon was confronted with a situation between two mothers whose one child out of their two had been killed accidentally. Both laid claim to the living child. Rather than give the child to the one that brought up the matter, the king sought proof. In the end he was able to find that which was good and he upheld it. This alone published his fame in wisdom the more abroad. There are people we have maltreated in judgment that had brought serious backlash against us and our dealings. Rest had been lost for miscarriage of justice. God is willing to restore us if we will humble ourselves, apologize and take hold of the good instead of the falsehood we had been relying on.

Friends, it is not rocket science to know that passing judgment without hearing both sides is wickedness. Don’t ever assume you have heard the other side when recorded matters are played to you of the doings of the victim. Such recordings are manipulable. And those presenting it anyway, already have shown malicious and wicked intent to slay. Since the victim is not dead, give him the opportunity to cross examine his accusers. By doing that, you will indeed prove the matter and find the good. It is not enough to find the good. Be careful to hold on to and dwell on the good. That is the expectation of God.

SOLUTION: God is a righteous Judge. He has not commissioned anyone to judge the other in His stead. Hence, judge not. If you must stray into wearing the garb of the judge, ensure that you prove all things and hold on to the one that is true and good. Judgment is not only when matters are brought between two people. It can also present itself in numerous other ways. Be careful to prove all things. Don’t do anything in a haste.

Dear Dad, please forgive us of our trespassing into your territory in sitting in judgment over others. We pray particularly that you please forgive us in places where we had given unrighteous verdicts in our haste and not seeking proof. Help us, going forward to prove all things as much as necessary and by your Spirit, give us the wisdom to discern the good in all matters. All these we pray in Jesus’ name.

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