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Rebuke the Evil Wind

Focus: Mark 4:39 - KJV

39. And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.

Mark 4:35-41

Life is full of ups and downs, highs and lows. More often than not, the lows are caused by storms of life. Before the advent of Christ, many who thought they were of God were unable to deal with storms of their lives and that of their society directly. They were either timid or fearful in the face of the storms. Kings needed special prophets to come up to rescue the situation. But when Christ came, He lived to show us an example of how things ought to be done for proper effect. One of the times He traveled in the boat with His disciples, a storm arose. Of course, He was not perturbed by the storm because, He knows that the joy of the Lord is strength for those who know it. Next, the disciples were unable to still the storm and He came up and told them that they lacked faith and were fearful and that, that was the reason they could not still the storm. So, to still a storm, we need first to allow joy and not fear in us and then, we must have faith that if we want the storm stilled, we can do it. Finally, the Lord commanded the storm to be still and it was still thereby completing the process that we need to observe to still a storm. Some have learnt this but yet refuse to put it to practice perhaps because they are yet to be overwhelmed by the storm confronting them. For as long as we condone it, storms rage.

Are you not tired of that storm that is messing up things for you and constantly throwing you into fear and panic prayers? Because you belong to the Lord, you are His disciple, why not put fear aside today, imbibe the joy of the Lord into your heart so that you may be strengthened thereby; and like He has given us the free hand to command concerning His handy works, command peace to reign over the storm in the name of Jesus Christ at the mention of whose name, all knees should bow, and see the miraculous. Please, if you are not His disciple yet, do not command in His name so that you don’t run into a greater problem with the demons behind the storm and make it fiercer.

SOLUTION: Ensure you are born again; never let anything scare you because you have the Lord; have faith in God to do for you that which He has promised; then, command peace over the storm in Jesus’ name.

Father, we join our faith together at this time and command peace over every storm troubling the lives of your children even now in the name of Jesus. As this month comes to an end today, before the sun will rise tomorrow, let every storm be stilled never to rage again in the name of Jesus Christ. Let the new month usher in great peace unto us all in Jesus’ name. Thank you, father, for doing this. In Jesus’ name we have prayed.

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