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Refrain your lips

Focus: Proverbs 10:19 - KJV

19. In the multitude of words there wanteth not sin: but he that refraineth his lips is wise.

2 Samuel 1:13-16

No one is wiser than God. When God moulded man, He gave him two ears and one mouth. The ears for hearing and the mouth for speaking. It presupposes that it is more essential to hear than to say. Hence, when a man refrains from speaking, his soul is preserved from trouble. For instance, there is no quoting what is not said. When we use the mouth more than we do the ears, we rearrange the use the Creator intends for the organs. The result of course will be counter-productive. The death of king Saul was explained in 1 Samuel 31. He was said to have committed suicide. But an Amalekite met David and told him he slew the king. Assume what he said was true, that when Saul fell on his sword, he did not die, was it necessary to claim credit for his death if not that he sought favor of David believing David would be glad that his assailant had been slain? This is true of many men also today. They are eager to make claims to take credit so as to be favored by the leader. Unfortunately, what they say end up against them if and when properly analyzed.

It is therefore important for the believer to be careful in the use of the mouth. Things said are easily recorded. Things not said cannot be quoted or used against one. In our daily dealings, let us learn to listen more than we speak. Your friend of today to whom you spill your guts believing you are in safe hands may end up becoming an “enemy” tomorrow and find the information you passed to him a tool for your undoing. Even if he is not so treacherous, the fact that you know what you had told him may not allow you peace in that you are not sure of what he would do in the circumstance.

SOLUTION: Always seal the mouth so that you speak less no matter the audience unless it is extremely necessary. If you do not say, you cannot be questioned on it. Listen more and talk less no matter the circumstance.

May the Lord help us to bridle our tongues always so as not to release valuable secrets to the enemy in Jesus name. May the Lord put a seal over our mouths to prevent us from speaking whenever we are about to make a mistake in speech in Jesus name. And if we had made mistakes in the past, may the Lord erase the memory from them that may use same against us in Jesus name. Do enjoy your day.

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