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Render Not Evil For Evil

Focus: 1 Peter 2:23 - KJV

23. Who, when he was reviled, reviled not again; when he suffered, he threatened not; but committed himself to him that judgeth righteously:

1 Peter 3:8-12

The natural instinct of man is to avenge himself of wrongdoings from his neighbors. When a man finds another inflicting a hurt on him, his mind is to reciprocate the same or worse on the assailant. Imagine David wanting to wipe out the lineage of Nabal for refusing to accede to the request to make provision that he felt entitled to? Or is it Moses’ injunction about avenging oneself of any stealing or such things? This manner of life and instincts has brought the world to its belly, which is why there are wars and violence, everywhere.

God, however did not intend for us to follow natural, but supernatural instinct. Such instinct dictates that we avenge not ourselves but show love to them that hurt us. Christ laid the example for us when, though being the Creator of all, was mesmerized by the created and He would not as much as speak back to those who reviled Him, or threaten those who inflicted injury on Him. He possessed the power to deal with those in question in a greater way than Elijah did, but He did nothing to them. Since, the servant is not greater than the master, we are saved to emulate Him in manifesting these supernatural instinct that set us apart as the true children of God, our father.

Whenever we take it upon ourselves to avenge things done to us, we push the Lord aside and usurp His position, since He already said vengeance is His. What is expected of us therefore, is to endure whatever men may do to us and leave all things in the hands of God who sees the motive of everyone and is set in a position to view the entire scenario beyond the way we can. With all of these, He is able to judge aright and not inflict pain where it is not necessary; He redresses pain, where it has been inflicted. Your avenging yourself may end up making you the guilty party in that you cannot give commensurate retribution, no matter how you try. Think about it.

SOLUTION: Never attempt to avenge yourself no matter what. In actual fact, avoid getting annoyed at anyone for any action or inaction. Since we are dead in Christ, and the dead feels no pain, please be dead to pain and emotion.

Father, we know that it is only by your Spirit that we manifest supernatural abilities. Please, by your Spirit, give us the ability never to be pained at the actions of men against us in Jesus’ name. Whatsoever men may do, like Christ endured all insults, do help us to be like Him in our own afflictions and pain in Jesus’ name. In the end, do please be our avenger by being the merciful Judge that you are in Jesus’ name. We pray like Christ did, that you please temper justice with mercy for they know not what they do, in the name of Jesus Christ. And as we go into the new month, please let our joy be full as your children, in Jesus’ mighty name.

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