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Return to the Lord

Focus: Jeremiah 29:13 - KJV

13. And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

Luke 15:11-32

For everyone that God made, He has a purpose and He made him to fit that purpose. But man, in his wild imagination, often assume he has a better plan and way away from the Lord’s. Adam was to superintend God’s creation. He was made a special specie aside every other being. But what God did not want for Adam, was what Adam wanted. At last, when he had messed up, he went into camouflage and wanted to blend with trees, a specie far inferior to him. This is a constant decima with many in the world today. They leave the place of honor the Lord has kept them and put on a camouflage wanting to be like others. What is the relationship between the temple of God and Belial? When this happens, the man is far away from the presence of God. But if he will put his heart into good thought and seek the Lord, taking his heart away from his camouflage, and coming plain unto the Lord, he finds Him. The prodigal son is an apt parable here. His father had put him in a pride of place but he preferred to be like others. He went out and entered into riotous living. He blended with pigs and later discovered that his specie is above that of pigs. Then, he returned his heart to plain thoughts and excommunicated the thinking of the camouflage. That was when he sought the father. Ironically, the father was always on a look out for him. If we will seek the Lord with our whole heart today, we will be surprised He is already waiting to embrace and kiss us.

Where are you? Are you in a camouflage trying to blend with others or you are straight up in the life jacket built for you by the Lord and occupying the space He made for you? Whenever you seek to be like people of the world, you put yourself in a camouflage away from the place the Lord has kept you. Are they in coax jesting about illicit things and you are already blending in with them? You are in a camouflage sir. Or, are they in the practice of subtle albeit humongous looting and you are seeking to belong to their clique so that you may also acquire wealth? You are about to leave the Lord behind and the result of that is always unpleasant. If you are in a camouflage already, please take off the camouflage and put on the coat of skin that the Lord prefers for you that you may draw near to Him.

SOLUTION: Check where you stand today. Are you in the place the Lord has placed you? If not, please retrace your steps and be where God has put you. Take out every thought that wants you to be like some other person. His race may not be the same as yours. Call on God telling Him you are willing to do His bidding.

Father, thank you for making us fearfully and wonderfully to fulfil your purpose. For as many as are living in camouflage away from your position for them, please restore today in Jesus’ name. Those that are yet to discover your purpose for their lives, do please locate and position today in Jesus’ name. Help us all never to go into camouflage and blend with the world in the name of Jesus Christ.

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1 Comment

Bayo Ayanga
Bayo Ayanga
Dec 28, 2022

Great teaching sir, God bless you real good

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