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Rock breaking Word

Focus: Jeremiah 23:29 - KJV

29. Is not my word like as a fire? saith the LORD; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?

Jeremiah 23:21-31

For many generations, many people associate themselves with the being of God. Some, out of their lack of knowledge of the true God, had deviated and departed from the true way and down the line, the one whom they came up with in their escapades has no semblance of the true God but was foist on their people who also knew not the true God and therefore could not contest the claims of the champions of this new imagination of man’s heart called God. This is the story of many societies and their ideas of gods; not because they set out to have gods, but because they departed from the knowledge of the true God through adulterations and misguidance. When men who claim to be of God, use the name of God to manipulate the people, God removes Himself from such and what they carry down their generations become an idea of a god that is not the true God. This is true of the situation of the world today. There are many religions claiming to be connected to God. These religions have champions who claim they hear from God. When they speak in misrepresentation of God, they confuse the people in that most of the things they say are lies welled up from their imaginations. Hence, since the word of God is backed with power, for the lack of power in their words, they present God as powerless the One who is Omnipotent.

In the days of scripture, Elijah stood and spoke as the representative of God. His words resonated and by it, Israel suffered draught for three and a half years. By the words of Moses, as representative of the true God, Israel crossed the Red Sea on dry ground. Today, many claim to be representing God in very many religions. They have made claim to what they claimed God said which never came to pass. Some even try to twist actual events to seem to be what they claimed God said at some point. Such acts do not add up. For whenever God speaks, it is done. His words are like fire, burning every combustible in its path; same is like hammer crushing rocks in its path. The problem with these “prophets” is they are self-serving. We need to take God for whom He is. He does not and cannot lie. Hence, unless He speaks to us, we should desist from misrepresenting Him, else He will keep disappointing the said prophets. No one can claim that a prophet when he hears not from God must be compelled to speak as if he heard from God. When Elisha had nothing to say to the kings that visited him, he told them so. Let’s also emulate the good deeds of those that came before us.

I pray that the Lord by His mercy will start to speak to the well-meaning agents of His for our collective benefits from now on, in Jesus name.

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