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Rock Breaking Word

Focus: Jeremiah 23:29 - KJV

29. Is not my word like as a fire? saith the LORD; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?

Jeremiah 23:21-32

God is not a man that He should lie. When He says a thing, it comes to pass. He spoke through Elijah that there would be no rain until he spoke otherwise and it was so. He used Elisha to tell Naaman to take a bath in the Jordan and he would be cleansed and it was so. Meaning that the word of God is like a fire: when it comes forth it rages and burns every chaff in its way. It is equally a hammer that breaks rocks down to splinters. But in recent times, many people do claim to be sent of God but their words are fables and of no effect. God spoke concerning such through Jeremiah that He is not happy about them. But is it really because they are all not God’s prophets? Not at all. Some are to experience the kind of experience of Jonah. They are not liars but the situation for which the prophecy came had changed. Remember Isaiah with Hezekiah too. Yet some others are not patient enough to get the full gist of the word before releasing it and end up appearing like liars. There are yet others whose prophesies are for the future and not immediate. For Christ was not born until many years after Isaiah said unto us a child is born. Nonetheless, there are those who just lie to make themselves accepted of men. Remember the prophets that surrounded Ahab and just told him what he wanted to hear as against Micaiah who spoke truth to power as he received of God. God is not happy about them.

Is the Lord speaking to you about something concerning your life or that of another? Be sure to get the Word correctly. Once you have it, hold on to it because it will surely come to pass. Have people given you prophesies about something that is yet to come through? Please fret not. It shall come to pass. Though it tarries, it will no longer tarry. You need however to check the credence of the one giving you the prophesy. Please pray concerning it. Do you also want to be the mouthpiece of God? You can make it possible from today if you will determine to pay the price in the place of prayer.

SOLUTION: Pray without ceasing. It makes you carry the presence of God. Even when a prophecy is untrue, by the presence of God in your life, you will detect. Pray, pray and pray always. Stay more in the presence of God.

May the word of God break every barrier in your life inhibiting your progress right now in the name of Jesus. May the Lord release to you the word that will aid you in settling your destiny in the name of Jesus. The grace to act on the word and not take it with levity is released upon you today in Jesus’ name. As you cross into the new month tonight, super direction from the Lord for yourself, your loved ones and even your nation, the Lord will give to you in Jesus’ name. You are blessed.

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