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Safety is of the Lord

Memorize: Proverbs 21:31

The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the LORD.

Read: Genesis 14:19-25

Man is full of devices and machinations that can make the ordinary observer marvel. When they array to go to battle with their “enemies” if the said “enemies” look unto their array alone, they are weakened. Whereas, all that they parade is nothing before the Most High God. Consider the array of Goliath that required an armor bearer to bear his shield before him. Saul was also going to fortify the ruddy lad David with similar emptiness but he declined. At the end of the day the uncladded young lad prevailed over the over fortified. Israel came out of Egypt with slave men, non-combatant women and children. Yet Pharaoh pursued with an army upon chariots and horses. By the time the chase began, something happened to the chariots and horses that made them realize that a greater force than the ‘enemy’ they pursued was up against them.

What is it that you have in your arsenal that is making you oppress the downtrodden? Have you considered that you are neither different from Pharaoh with his army or Goliath? Haven’t you heard of soldiers or insurgents attempting to shoot their automatic weapons without the same yielding? There is a God who determines who should or should not die. He rules in the affairs of men. No matter the garrison you parade, it is empty before the Lord. Please do not confront any battle by yourself. Safety is of the Lord. Commit the battle into His hands. He is mighty in battle and will surely see you through. He knows the best strategy needed to defeat your adversary. Stop relying on human brain and advise.

Stand on the Rock that never fails and He will give you victory. Absalom had relied on his “dependable” horse in his battle against David’s team. The same horse put his head into the thicket where he was dangling before the one who eventually struck him dead. It was the sword of Goliath that beheaded Goliath you know. Don’t forget Haman’s gallows and king Saul’s spear too. For your safety in battle, lean on God alone.


Father, please dont ever allow me to put together any instrument of war that will eventuall cause me harm in the name of Jesus. Do always fight for me that I may be safe indeed in Jesus name.

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