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Sanctify the Lord

Focus: Isaiah 8:13 - KJV

13. Sanctify the LORD of hosts himself; and let him be your fear, and let him be your dread.

Isaiah 8:11-15

To sanctify is to set apart or declare holy or consecrate. It is usual to hear that men be sanctified unto God, that is they be set apart unto Him. It is however not customary to hear that God be sanctified. Now, the Lord need be sanctified for the safety of the sanctifier. Unless the Lord is sanctified, the tendency is to lump Him with non-existent gods and vile matters. Men are about teaming up when they have issues. They tend to confederate believing by so doing, they are stronger together, not knowing that by doing so, they are neglecting the Balm in Gilead. Since there is a Balm in Gilead, there is no basis for going to Egypt for help as it portends that the Balm in Gilead is weak. When such happens, God is dishonored and He loves to be honored. The consequence of dishonor is separation from God. So, the solution to going into confederacy with unbelievers is to declare God holy in the face of all and place absolute reliance on Him. Wherever He finds this, He shields the sanctifier and becomes a sanctuary unto the same from all forms of ills. But He is for a stone for stumbling or rock of offence unto those who come together into a confederacy outside God. What happens to them is that they become snared of the devil for the Lord is not with them that fail to sanctify Him. It is therefore the Lord’s instruction that for us to enjoy His protection as our sanctuary, we ought to sanctify Him by setting Him aside from other powerless sources that others look to.

That situation may just linger because you have been in cahoots with unbelievers thereby dishonoring the Lord. You need therefore to urgently honor God by sanctifying Him and ensuring you get under His cover. Whatever the case, never underplay the power of God to deliver and to save. Anyone that does so encounters the stumbling block or rock of offence.

SOLUTION: Never relegate God regarding your affairs. Let the Lord be honored in all that you do.

Father, please be our sanctuary in every aspect of life in the name of Jesus Christ. Do not forsake us for any reason Lord, in Jesus’ name. Please keep us in you even as we sanctify you in all things in Jesus’ name.

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