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Seek the Lord

Focus: Lamentations 3:25 - KJV

25. The LORD is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seeketh him.

Mark 10:46-49

In accordance with scripture, he who seeks finds. Whatever we get without an effort do not often last. For instance, when a child that did not understand the management of money and has never lacked it is bestowed with so much funds he is likely to squander it. Also, when you throw yourself on people, they are likely to start disliking you over time like the scriptures say. This is why, even though the Lord is merciful and loving, it is not too auspicious for Him to throw Himself on people who do not really care about Him. Look at Christ at the pool of Bethesda: this is the One who, one evening in Luke 4, numerous sick folks were brought to him with diverse ailments and He healed them all. Hence, the ability to heal in numbers was not lacking in Him. Yet, at Bethesda, there were many impotent folks and He healed only one. It should come to mind that the impotent folks were in some bondage of sort and they knew the man that was healed because he was not a stranger by the pool. They saw Christ heal him. Yet, they did not approach Him to be healed also. It only suggests that they did not like Christ and therefore refused to countenance Him, hence they remained in their impotence.

This is the state of many today. They do not countenance God who can save them and therefore continue to suffer in their situations. They fail to seek Him even while He is near them. For Bartimaeus, it couldn’t be so. Once he heard who was passing, he sought Him passionately and he got healed. Your social visit to a gathering in the name of churching may not be enough in this matter. The word of God is if you love me, you will keep my commands. If we fail to obey Him, we cannot claim to love Him. At best, our gathering can only be viewed as lip service to love whereas the hearts are too distant from the Lord. We can actually obtain the best from the Lord if we will show Him love. When we show God love and seek Him, like it happened to the blind man, many will try to dissuade us and prevent us from reaching the One whom we seek in love. But because He is Love Himself, He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. Hence, the watchword in seeking Him is diligence. Let us persist in seeking Him from now.

SOLUTION: No matter what your current situation may be presenting unto you, please seek the Lord with focus on Him; take every other thing as distractions and ignore them. Show God you love Him and He will be there for you. Seek the Lord

As we seek the Lord from now, may He stand still to attend to our cares today in Jesus name. May His love and kindness take away all our anxieties in the name of Jesus Christ. May we never seek Him in vain ever in Jesus name. Let us show greater love to Him that first loved us. Seek Him early.

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