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Separation Looms

Focus: Matthew 13:41-43 - KJV

41. The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; 42. And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. 43. Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.

Matthew 13:36-43

No farmer goes into planting season sowing weeds alongside his grains. When the Lord purposed the earth and made man to superintend it, He never intended that, evil minded men would take it over. Unfortunately, most often than not, as the farmer’s planting grows, he finds weeds growing alongside what should ordinarily be his harvest. A prudent farmer weeds his farm to allow the nutrients from the soil to be sufficient for his plants and therefore, separates the weeds from the intended harvest. Of course, he destroys the weeds to preserve his harvest. Unfortunately, at times, in taking out the weeds, part of the harvest is lost alongside. Unlike the ordinary farmer, the Lord is longsuffering and allows both the wheat and the weeds to grow together. He however has His joker plan: He is to return someday for the harvest. At the time, He would properly separate. As the harvest is taken to safety in the Lord’s barns, the weeds are packed and cast into a lake of fire. No fire is palatable to anything: it devastates and leaves only pain.

The time for the separation is very imminent. In the world today, the weeds are somewhat choking the wheat badly and the Lord is no longer likely to wait so as not to lose the remaining harvest to the wickedness of the weeds. Incidentally, it appears that the Lord, who is a master strategist, is willing to seek out those apparent weeds that have some crosspollination and therefore have some traits of the wheat in them and so, can be ransomed. Like the woman of Canaan that approached Christ for the healing of her daughter who was told, “it is not meet to take the children’s bread, and to cast it to dogs”, it is just possible that before the final harvest, there will be some that would express faith in humility to cause the crumbs from the master’s table to transform them fully to wheat, as every component of the children’s bread is found in the crumb and nothing separates the humble crumb eater from the nutrients the children enjoy.

Beloved, it does not matter how ugly we may appear before men, if we will humble ourselves to worship God and seek His mercy, He would just as well transform us from the status of weeds or dogs to the position of wheats or children of the Kingdom. Yes, the people of the world may have deserted us; we may have been devastated by the effect of the weather in the clime we dwell, there is a God of mercy around us, waiting to hear our voices and ready to admit us to the children’s table, by His mercy, if we will not be adamant in our poor states to ignore His overtures. Today is the day of mercy. If we will worship God intensely in humility and seek His face for mercy, when He comes for the harvest and put up the separation, we can be sure to form part of His good harvest.

SOLUTION: Look to the Lord for mercy so that we may be harvested as wheat and not weed. Weeds are for the fire, while wheats are for the cool barns. Prefer the Kingdom and reject the fire. Do the will of God, always.

Please pray: Father, I appreciate your planting me as wheat in your garden. In any way I may have been polluted by the weeds thereat, please help me to remain wheat forever by the help of your Spirit, in Jesus’ name.

If you are blessed by this post, kindly share with your contacts, as well as others, that they may be blessed also. Thank you and may God bless you abundantly as you do so, in Jesus’ name.

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