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Serve God Gladly

Focus: Psalms 100:2 - KJV

2. Serve the LORD with gladness: come before his presence with singing.

Deuteronomy 28:45-48

Many people behave as if they are forced to serve the Lord or even are displeased if they are not paid before they render service unto God. But who owns man and all that he is? It is a curse on its own to fail to serve God with gladness. God loves a cheerful giver, no doubt. The converse is also true: God disapproves of a disgruntled server. To render service to God with gladness is to be doing oneself a great favor. Not to do so is to do oneself great disservice. Serving with gladness is a source of strength for the joy of the Lord is your strength. However, if the heart is not merry while in the Lord’s service, it is not acceptable service. There are repercussions for it. Such a being is made to serve his enemy in hunger, thirst and nakedness until he becomes so burdened. God forbid! But for it to truly be forbidden, we need to serve God in gladness. Why is it so attractive to demand pay to perform a function in the service of the Lord? Well, may be those who do it need not be blamed but the shepherds who wantonly display untold wealth which they could not have acquired legitimately and by that, make the ordinary worshipper covetous. Nonetheless, no matter the position of the shepherd, the consequence of not serving God with gladness is that of the person directly concerned.

Dear friend, is someone deceiving you that the way to make wealth is in billing for the service you ought to have done as a volunteer in the Lord’s Kingdom? The repercussion of the same is too hard. Please do all things as unto the Lord and allow Him profit you by Himself. Your raising a bill suggests that if you are not paid, you will not be happy. But what can you pay for the Lord’s service over you assuming he raises a bill? How much is the quantum of oxygen you take into your lungs in a day worth? Please let’s put our hearts to wisdom as we serve God cheerfully and joyfully from today.

SOLUTION: Let nothing take your joy away in rendering service unto God. Always rejoice in the presence of God. Let not even the state of your life cause your countenance to be sad before God. Serve with gladness, always.

The Lord will grant you joy that no one will be able to explain from today. The thing that will happen that will make it difficult for you to serve God with gladness will never come your way in the name of Jesus Christ. Every repercussion or effect of your not serving God with gladness in times past are hereby erased by the blood of Jesus in Jesus’ name. Your joy shall be full real soon in Jesus’ name.

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