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Serve God with Joy

Focus: Psalms 100:2 - KJV

2. Serve the LORD with gladness: come before his presence with singing.

2 Samuel 6:5-11

No clay can tell the Porter “why did you make me so?” In the same vein, no matter what we assume the Lord has done to us, we must serve Him with joy. Yes, “assume” because often times we judge Him wrongly. Imagine the friends of Job who assumed Job’s affliction was from God and because of his unrighteousness. God is never wrong. It is therefore a curse to serve Him with disgruntled heart. Deutronomy 28:47-48 was intended to guide Israel on this matter. Thank God for Christ who has by His blood removed the curse of the law. It is however instructive to beware. David had all his life loved to sing melody and praises unto his God. One day, he decided to bring the Ark of the Covenant of God into the City of the Lord with singing and dancing. While he did so, one Uzzah who was not a Levite got hold of the Ark because the mule bearing it stumbled and he was struck down dead. Alas, the mighty king David was displeased with the action of God and therefore would not have the Ark brought to his house again. He became so disgruntled and thought evil towards another that the Ark be taken to him. The result was pure silence and inactivity in the life of the king but blessings and prosperity in the house of the new keeper for the three months the Ark dwelled with him.

No matter what we think is wrong in our living, we cannot afford to wrong God by refusing to serve Him with joy. He is a righteous, loving and kind father. He will rather bring us to joy than take us from it. Hence, whenever the enemy tries our faith by allowing a shaking in our affairs, we should be careful not to blame and infuriate the One who can bring us out of the uncanny situation. Please serve God with joy. When David realized his error and returned to do the right thing, joy was restored to him also.

This day, for the user of this Guide, the Lord will remove every planting of the devil that is affecting your joy in the name of Jesus. God will give you great reasons to jump for joy and rejoicing today in Jesus name. Joy everlasting will be your lot from hence, and no one will ever be able to steal your joy again in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Rejoice evermore; your celebration comes. Hallelujah!

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