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Shine your light

Text: Psalms 18:28

For thou wilt light my candle: the Lord my God will enlighten my darkness.

Bible Reading:

Isaiah 60:1-3; John 8:12


Since the fall of man, darkness took over the reins of the earth. That is why poverty, sickness, barrenness, failure and death are prevalent. It is only the light that dispels darkness. Anyone that has the light need not fear darkness. Incidentally, man had his candle before the fall. The same was blown out at the fall. The Lord Jesus Christ came to restore the light that man lost in the beginning. Jesus is the light of the world. Anyone that follows Him has his candle lit again and no longer works in darkness because by his light, darkness can no longer comprehend him. When sickness, failure, barrenness or the likes come to the light, they fizzle out the same way they come. No issue of darkness can withstand the light. The light that Christ gives burn brighter than the initial light. By the light He gives, we can light up the candles of others in darkness to bring them out therefrom into the marvelous light of Christ. Where do you fit into in this program? Are you still in darkness characterized by all the issues thereof? Is your life manifesting the things of darkness such that you don’t find life so easy? Be of good cheer; your light has come. It is your time to shine. Are you already lit up by Christ’s light such that you now rule and reign over the issues of darkness? Congratulations! But the Light that made you light expect you to light up the candle of others. Your light is to so shine for others to see that they may also come to the light of Christ. Don’t light your candle and put it under the bushel. Have you started lighting up others’ candles? Keep at it. The harvest is green but the laborers are few. Your Lord expects much more from you. Time is very limited.

Prayer Guide:

Father, please keep my light burning that I may keep shining for you. Let many through me come out of darkness into your marvelous light in Jesus name.

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