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Shining Stars

Focus: Daniel 12:3 - KJV

3. And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.

John 15:1-7

The best employer anyone can imagine is the Most-High God. Earthly employers can owe wages or salaries, refuse proper placement to the employee, refuse to allow the employee rest and so on. But with the Lord, everyone that is faithful to Him in service is handsomely rewarded. The main engagement of God for man is that we be righteous and let our righteousness rob off on others to bring them also to righteousness. This gladdens the heart of the Lord a lot because He hates that any man should perish. Unfortunately, most men turn their back on this great opportunity to have a shining life by not doing the will of God. Now, when we do the will of God, He in turn is ready to do our will. Whao! Take note, there is a difference between what we will and something that exists that we want. What we will can include something that is unprecedented. For instance, while in the defense of the people of God, Joshua made a command of what he willed: that the day should stand still for him to complete the war. That was unprecedented. There are still great unprecedented fetes at the disposal of the Creator. The way to them is by turning others unto righteousness. Joshua stands out amongst men as what he willed was one off and unrivalled. He shined as star. We also can.

My dearly beloved, what is life worth if we will not do the will of God? Put differently, why live life outside the will of God? There is something about God: when we prioritize the purpose of God, He in turn makes those things we have put in abeyance to seek us themselves. The Lord’s advice to you today is to focus on turning others around you to righteousness so that He may pay you handsomely for it. No, He is not likely to hurt you if you don’t; you will only by yourself be forfeiting an opportunity to shine as a star. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

SOLUTION: Set out from now to turn others to righteousness through evangelism and lifestyle. Don’t ever turn your back on soul winning again. God wants to employ you.

May the Holy Spirit invigorate you with all you need to be a soul winner from now on in the name of Jesus. May the Lord grant your will as you ask Him of them from today even as you turn others to righteousness in Jesus’ name. May every power shifting your focus from evangelism be dispersed from hence in Jesus’ name. And may the Lord cause you to shine brightly as star going forward in Jesus’ name.

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