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Sown Seed Multiplied

Focus: 2 Corinthians 9:10-11 - KJV

10. Now he that ministereth seed to the sower both minister bread for your food, and multiply your seed sown, and increase the fruits of your righteousness;) 11. Being enriched in every thing to all bountifulness, which causeth through us thanksgiving to God.

1 Kings 3:3-13

Sometime in the year 1996, a struggling graduate who lacked a bank account, gave all he had on him, which was quite paltry at the time, in support of the work of a particular ministry and got a promise from God never to lack money in life. And God has been faithful to His promise to the fellow. It is interesting to note that men behave to God like little children behave to their benefactor while an infant. A father can give a pack of cookies to his toddling child and in a moment ask the toddler for a bit of the cookies. The tendency with most toddlers is to refuse to drop any part to the dad claiming entitlement to all. Meanwhile, the dad has a whole carton of cookies stacked away for the same child, unknown to him. This, we also do, to God. For there is nothing we have that we have not received from God. Meanwhile, the request of God is that we take care of the needy from the much He has bestowed on us. Most of us just refuse to honor God’s request in this regard. Nevertheless, the One who bestows, gives us enough to take care of our direct needs in the form of bread; and extra for us to give succor to others with, in the form of seeds to sow. When we sow, it returns to us in the form of a harvest, which ordinarily is much more than the seed sown. When the harvest comes, the sower, and even the people succored give thanks to God because, the sower now has opportunity to sow much more. Solomon was grateful to God and made huge sacrifice from that which the Lord bestowed on him, beyond what anyone before him had done. When God responded with his harvest, Solomon got promoted in wealth beyond any man before or after him. That is what the Lord can do.

The principles of God are cogent and eternal. Nothing disturbs it from materializing. It does not matter what your religious leaning is, if you will sow good seeds, the harvest will come. A man once lived in Nigeria who was always giving to succor the poor. He was not a Christian. When challenged on why he was being wasteful, he said for every million he gave to the needy, ten million was replacing it without an effort. He understood the tenets of God and, for the time he lived, he was unrivaled in wealth. Truth is, sacrifice is what makes way. Give sacrificially. If you give however, and have the whole world full of riches but lack salvation, everything ends in vanity. The salvation of your soul is more paramount to God than whatever material gain you make on earth.

SOLUTION: Sow good seeds for great harvest. Let your focus be not the gains of sowing but pleasing the one who gave you the seed to sow. In all you do, preserve your soul. Find someone in dare need to put smiles on his/her face today.

From this day on, whatever seed you sow will bring to you bountiful harvest in the name of Jesus. People will gather from time to time to give thanks unto God because of your life in Jesus’ name. You will never lack bread in Jesus’ name. The Lord will keep you wealthy till you meet with Him in glory in Jesus’ name. No matter the extent of your wealth, you will not miss heaven in the name of Jesus Christ.

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