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Stilling The Storm

Key verse: Mark 4:39 - KJV

39. And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.

Mark 4:35-41

Storms don’t affect God. No matter the turmoil buffeting the earth, it has no effect on Him. Remember, at creation, all He needed to do was speak most of the things on the earth and in the firmaments into being. So, even if there be anything that is damaged or destroyed, all that need be done is for Him to speak them back to being. When Lazarus died, and stank, He only called him forth and he rose again. Therefore, even if the thing destroyed by a storm or turmoil is the life of a man, all that God needs to do is speak and the destruction is corrected. Nevertheless, when the storm begins to rage and before there is a damage or destruction, God can still the storm just by our asking Him. The reason majorly why people get devastated by storms in life is that they attempt to weather it instead of having it stilled.

Christ travelled in a boat with His disciples and there were other boats too on the drink that day. The Master had ministered so much that He needed to recuperate, being the Son of man, and therefore He was at the hind side of the boat sleeping when a storm arose. The storm was so much that it had filled half of the boat with water and the disciples feared it may sink. Yet, the Master was not perturbed. Notice that this is the representation of the One who neither sleeps nor slumber. The occupants assumed that He was fast asleep but when they called His attention to the storm, He arose immediately. This suggests that He was not really fast asleep but was not affected by the storm as it were, even though it had filled the boat half way with water. When He spoke peace to the storm it stilled and there was no casualty. The same is the person who is our Lord and Savior. Because He is, He is already in the boats of our lives. When the storms of life arise, it affects Him not. It ought not to affect us also because we are little Christs. But where our faith cannot carry us, we need to call His attention to the storm. When we do so, He arises on our behalf to immediately still the storm for our sake.

That situation that has caused you to shed tears severally is not insurmountable. All you need is to call Christ’s attention to it and He will speak peace to it, today. Act now!

Pray: Father, enough of the turmoil of darkness over my life! Please speak your peace over the storm disturbing me and make it still now in Jesus name.

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