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Stop judging others 1

Text: Romans 14:12

So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.

Bible Reading:

Romans 14:5-13


There is a popular saying that there will be surprises in Heaven. I presume this is because, here on earth, there is no art for finding the mind’s construction on the face. Therefore, man tends to judge albeit continually wrongly. Even Christ was judged wrongly on the premise of the accusations of the teachers of the law of Moses and many got carried away by their accusations and did judge Christ wrongfully. No wonder He prayed ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do’. Are you in the habit of judging others and relating with them based on that judgment? The counsel of God to you is judge not. Else you will soon become a co-murderer. Whatsoever anyone does, he does it unto God. He owns us all and to Him we all shall return and give account. Only He knows the truth as He is able to discern the intents of the mind. Placing a stumbling block before your fellow being based on the assertions of anyone is criminal and against the will of God. Only do unto others as you will want them to do unto you and not according to your assumption or perception of what they have done to you. Most often than not you are wrong and every time you do so you become judgmental and offend God. What account will you give to God when you appear before Him concerning those that you have shown down, hewed down and destroyed in your wrong judgment? You can start to make amends from today. Apologize to them that you had hurt through your judgment. Counsel those you perceive had wronged you. Those who remain recalcitrant pray for. Their judgment is not in your hands but with God. You can still make it to the end.

Prayer Guide:

Father please forgive me in usurping your position by judging fellow beings. From today, help me to love my neighbor like myself according to your command in Jesus name.

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