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Stop that covetousness

Text: Psalms 37:16

A little that a righteous man hath is better than the riches of many wicked.

Read: Proverbs 17:1

Every man God made is catered for by Him from the foundation of the earth. Corruption and wickedness are the factors responsible for the insufficiencies experienced and witnessed by many. During their wilderness experience for instance, God fed Israel twice daily and enjoined them not to stack up more than needed except against the Sabbath. That is the order of life.

Christ taught us to ask in prayer for our daily bread, not the entire money in the coffers of government. Most of the people we see stacking up more than meet acquired their riches through wicked means. Please don’t emulate them. When money meant for the development of a nation, state or community; or meant for the rescue of perishing souls is surreptitiously diverted to people’s purses it is tantamount to the riches of the wicked.

That which you acquired through your legitimate sweat can be breathed upon by God for great sustenance of your household and those near you. A pastor once lived as a good income earning lawyer in a block of flats with his banker wife and their first child. One of the neighbors was an indigent family of about five people, all ladies. While every time the pastor provided what he considered then big sums as allowance coupled with what the wife added, he noticed that this indigent family never lacked good food at times seemingly more nourishing than his even though not with his kind of expensive ingredients. That indigent family lived well and good and the pastor began to appreciate God as the One that cares for all. That family did not steal; they never begged except for matches or salt at times. Yet they lived a contented life. No policeman ever came to knock on their door. Never were they said to have duped any. Peace reigned in their home.

Is someone luring you into doing something to get rich outside your legitimate income? Please do not yield. It tends to trouble and sleepless nights. Lean on God for your daily bread. Your peace will be like a river.

Pray: Father, I lean on you my Great Provider for my supplies; help me never to beg bread but be contented with what you afford me from time to time in Jesus name.

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