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Stop The Stress

Focus: Luke 12:25-26 - KJV

25. And which of you with taking thought can add to his stature one cubit? 26. If ye then be not able to do that thing which is least, why take ye thought for the rest?

Luke 2:52

The life of man is absolutely under the control of God. Surely in this world, there are bound to be tribulations. But, since there is absolutely nothing we can do to forestall or affect the happenings by worrying, why not just take our minds off the happenings and leave it all to the Lord to handle? Jesus Christ, our example was born into a mean society where after His birth, a decree was made for the killing of little children within His age bracket. Of course, as a child, He could not be bothered, but the One who had control of His life, ordered that He be taken to safety. To the time He presented Himself for ministerial work, He grew and developed under the care of God obeying His earthly parents. When Peter got the clue that worry affects nothing, he being a prisoner awaiting execution could not be bothered by the prevailing circumstances. He went to sleep and left the morrow to take care of itself. And because the One who kept him neither sleeps nor slumber, he got rescued before the executioners came. The arm we do to ourselves when we take thought of things that we do not have control over is to doubt God and put ourselves through unnecessary stress which is capable of attracting ill-health. God forbid. Let God who is your Shepherd be the one to care for you. Stop troubling yourself over things God should do.

That promotion is yet to come because the enemy is at work? Leave it to God. Someone just spoke to your suitor negative things about you and the suitor is now acting funny? That’s not enough reason to commit suicide through stress! The business appears to be going on a downward slope? Leave it to God after you have employed your best strategy. The world appears to be caving in all of a sudden? Hey! You are not the only one in the world that the caving in would affect if it does cave in. The maximum worrying can do is to bring heartache which is not part of the design of God for us.

SOLUTION: Please quit worrying. Whether the issue is little or seemingly large, do what is within your power to do and leave what you cannot change to God. The God factor in a life is the supernatural and it works to give Him alone the glory He deserves. Too much struggle is aimed at preventing the glory from going to the Lord.

Father, please take all the glory over our lives and beings in Jesus’ name. In whatever situation we meet ourselves in life, please come through for us that your name alone may be glorified. Do not let darkness overcome anyone of us dear Lord in the name of Jesus. And for those who appear to be facing some crisis or the other, this very day, like you rescued Peter, please give them smiles in the name of Jesus. By the time this day will be over, let the shouts of Hallelujah from the users of this devotional rend the heavens in Jesus’ name.

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