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Suffering for Christ’s sake

Key verse: Philippians 1:29

For unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for his sake;

Acts 21:8-13

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gave to every Believer a ministry of reconciliation, which involves spreading the Gospel to all nations. He however cautioned us that the servant is not greater than the Master for as He, the Master suffered persecution and rejection, we as servants are not immune from it. So, for every believer in Christ, we already know that in this world, we shall face tribulation. Our solace nonetheless is in the fact that our Master already conquered the world for us. Hence, though we face tribulation, the same ought not to subsume but to energize us to further push for the spread of the Gospel so that the light may overshadow darkness all over the earth.

Ironically, however, many believers quiver at the sound or semblance of tribulation. Many have had to denounce the faith in some circumstances. Meanwhile, the One who commissioned us, who has overcome the world, assures us that He is with us all way. For as long as we stand on the truth, which is constant, the scepter of the wicked ought not to rise above our heads. Knowing this, we ought to confront darkness with all boldness and in the assurance that our Ally, being the Man of War, is greater than any foe that darkness may haul at us. We ought to carry in us burning fire for the spread of the Gospel unrelentingly, like Apostle Paul. When he took the gauntlet to preach the Gospel to the gentiles, Paul knew how so much he had wasted life in falsehood that he could not be deterred from obeying the voice of God. Agabus was not speaking fables. He had seen into the future and what awaited Paul in Jerusalem if he ventured to go there. But check the reaction of Paul to this disheartening information: he could not be deterred even if death awaited him. What is our lives worth if we cannot lay it down for the One who ransomed us with His?

Beloved, the Lord is telling you and I today to rise to be counted with the Army of the Most-High to take over the reins of the earth from the kingdom of darkness by shedding the light of the Gospel to the uttermost parts of the world not only by preaching and teachings but by also acting that which we preach and teach even in the face of all opposition and deterrence. Lo, the Lord is with you to see you through.

Pray: Father, please help me to stand out for you in the journey of life in Jesus name.

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