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Superb restoration

Key verse: Job 42:10

And the LORD turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends: also the LORD gave Job twice as much as he had before.

Psalms 126:1-6

Many people are in crass captivity without knowing. Some are dead even though they walk and therefore assume they are living. What the Lord intends for us is good life that brings us to an expected end which is the fulfilment of purpose after having lived a good life. Job was living very well. All of a sudden, the tide turned for him and all things with him went awry and down. To the ordinary observers, the friends of Job, he was suffering for his misdeeds. Meanwhile, the affairs of Job were settled in the spiritual just so to test the resilience of Job and how well he loved his God. Job entered into satanic captivity just that he may be proven righteous. When after the test, it became clear that Job was righteous, he needed to pass another test of righteousness: those his friends that had judged and condemned him, he needed to forgive them and intercede on their behalves. When Job passed this test, something dumbfounding happened: double his loss was restored to him and all observers were left in awe.

For every user of this Guide, the Lord is set to turn your captivity like He did for Job. You may have been wondering why things went down so badly despite your serving God. Yes, to the best of your knowledge and ability, you may have been living righteously and well. But the subtle serpent with his terrible maneuvers may have had you bound and held captive. Prayers may have been rendered almost endlessly without avail. There is good news for you today. The Lord is set to turn around that captivity. You however need to forgive your friends who had been complicit in that your situation and pray for them. Then are you like your Father who is in Heaven.

The beauty of your situation is that, as you do the will of God and your captivity is turned, you will yourself be like a dreamer. You will wonder how such transformation is possible within a little spate of time. It took only three months for the transformation of Obed’edom to attract the envy of King David. Yours will take a lesser time in Jesus name. Your night of weeping is over and your morning of joy has come. Glorify God.

Pray: Father, please turn my captivity around today that the world may know that I serve the living God and that they may through it come to serve you in Jesus name.

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