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That storm can be stilled

Text: Psalms 39:7 And now, Lord, what wait I for? my hope is in thee.

Bible Reading:

Mark 4:35-41


When you come into the kingdom of God as His child, the enemy is not happy with you. Every bit of your way, he seeks to devour and so he directs tribulations your way. Many have been so affected that make others wonder “but he is born again: why is this happening to him?” Of course, they had the Lord with them perhaps, but when they do not know how to put to use that which they have, they can only blame themselves and not any other. In our passage today, the storm did not care that the Lord was in the boat with the disciples: all the enemy sought was to afflict with great tribulation. But as they would not wait for calamity to come before inviting the Lord, He arose on their behalf and stilled the storm that caused them fear. The Lord is also in your boat today even in that wave of affliction glaring you in the face. Don’t wait until the worst happens. Place your hope in Him. Turn to Him now. All He is waiting for is your invitation through your righteous prayers and He will surely command the storm stilled. That individual you are looking at for the solution may fail you if the Lord does not melt his heart towards you. Don’t go seeking help from sources that also require help themselves. Focus on the helper of the helpless and He who cannot fail will surely see you through. The urgency of the matter makes it deserve urgent attention. So, what are you waiting for? Turn to the Lord now, if He is in your boat that is.

Prayer Guide:

Father, please arise for my sake and command the storm ravaging the boat of my life now to be still never to rage again in Jesus name. I start experiencing calm from now in Jesus name.

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