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The Great King

Key Verse: Psalms 47:2 - KJV

2. For the LORD most high is terrible; he is a great King over all the earth.

1 Chronicles 16:11-25

Our God is a Wonder. Scripture says He is terrible! Yes. What do you say of one who can do and undo; He lifts one up and pulls down the other. When He decided to raise sons unto Abraham one of whom would be a blessing to the whole world, He ejected the inhabitants of a whole land, Canaan, to settle Abraham’s descendants through Jacob there. He sacrifices one person for the other to thrive, when necessary. He threw up Saul for David to reign. No matter the height of the person, when he stands in the way of the Lord, he becomes a reject for God’s favorite to thrive. Pharaoh was the king that was highest at his time. God humbled him before his slaves drowning him in the Red Sea while Israel went gallantly on. Nebuchadnezzar rubbed shoulders with God ascribing glory to himself. God showed him to whom glory belongs by recreating him, albeit for a season that spanned seven years. No wonder the Bible says it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

For us not to fall into the hands of this God, we ought to become and remain His favorites. Becoming His favorites has to do with becoming His children. This we achieve by being born of the Spirit since He is Spirit. That is when we are said to be born again. God will normally rebuke even kings for His favorites. It does not matter who or when or where, if any king is enthralled against God’s favorite, the same courts God’s displeasure. Herod had killed James successfully. He was getting ready to do the same to Peter. In his pride, he accepted to be glorified as god. He did not live to relish the accolades. Therefore, we are certain, that if you be on the side of the Lord, all those that have ganged up against you will soon find themselves to blame. Because we see them toying with fire.

The whole earth belongs to our Lord. Hence, wherever His children find themselves is theirs for the taking. God confirms that in His words and actions towards His children. When He secluded Israel from other nations, it is that they should not be polluted with idolatry. But the land they took over was inhabited hitherto. I rejoice with you therefore. If you have not started reigning in the land where you are, maybe you need to check your relationship with God first. Once that is right, cry unto God and you will possess your possession.

Pray: Father, I affirm you are the King over all. Please grant me possession in the earth and in your Kingdom in Jesus name.

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