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The Heart Refiner

Focus: Proverbs 17:3 - KJV

3. The fining pot is for silver, and the furnace for gold: but the LORD trieth the hearts.

Malachi 3:2-4

Neither gold, nor silver is at its best in its raw form. It is the art of refining that brings out the beauty in either of them. When refined, they become more appreciable and beautiful for the use they are produced for. In the same way, the heart of man in its raw form is desperately wicked and therefore bad. It requires some refining for it to be good enough for God’s purpose. And this is why the Lord volunteered Jesus for our redemption from the heart of wickedness that we may receive the heart of flesh and become more beautiful at heart.

To appreciate this better, let us consider the life of Joseph. The Lord had a great project for Joseph, to help rescue the known human race from the calamity of famine, at his time. He was however with a raw heart without the understanding of the qualities of leadership and therefore, needed refining. As gold is passed through the furnace for refining, the heart of man is refined in a very harsh environment. Joseph’s fire was rejection by his brethren, sale into slavery, imprisonment and so on. Once his heart was ready, he sought not vengeance but peace, despite all he went through. That is the refined heart.

Dear friend, the Lord wants you to be of a good heart. It is possible you are going through a situation which you consider to be adverse, particularly because you know and serve the Lord. That situation may just be the refiner’s fire for your heart. It is possible that there are certain ways you need to abandon but you are still stuck with, which the Lord is trying to purge you of. The process of purging is discomforting but not destructive. If you look inwards, consider those things you do that do not conform to the will of God, and you decide to leave that thing or such things, you will become pleasing to God and there will be no need to keep the fire burning. Until the heart be pure, refining will not cease unless, of course, if we decide against Christ.

SOLUTION: Submit yourself to the will of God and your heart will be considered pure. While being purified, do not allow yourself to be led against God.

Pray thus: Lord, I am grateful to you for all the hard times I went through that you may refine my heart. If there remains anything in my heart that will prevent me from fulfilling purpose, please take the same away by your refining fire in Jesus’ name. Please, let your word purify my heart in Jesus’ name. Do make this day a fruitful one in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

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