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The Honor From God

Focus: John 5:44 - KJV

44. How can ye believe, which receive honour one of another, and seek not the honour that cometh from God only?

John 17:3-5

There is a praise that comes from the Lord which is the one that makes a man truly acceptable to Him in the end. When Jesus Christ was being baptized, God honored and glorified Him by allowing the Holy Spirit to descend upon Him in the form of a dove, declaring that Christ is His beloved Son. A similar scenario played out at Gethsemane. And when it was about time to depart the earth, He also prayed that the father would glorify Him in a higher pattern, with the kind of honor He enjoyed with the father in heaven. He did not pray this for Himself alone, but also for His disciples and those that would come after them.

However, men are often taken away with the honor of men as against the one that comes from God, and they seem to seek such honor as against that which comes from God. For instance, when you visit a funeral program, you listen to testimonies upon testimonies of what the departed soul was to the testifiers. Ironically, people seldom say negative things about the dead, the thought being, it is not good to speak ill of the dead. Unfortunately, the people don’t really appreciate the fact that God does not see the way we do. Therefore, we give accolades to people God rejects. Samuel felt Eliab was the one qualified for the throne and would have made the mistake of giving him honor instead of the preferred David. God Himself testified about Job. Concerning Esau and Jacob, He affirmed and honored Jacob. Generally, though, the focus of man is on the honor of one and another rather than that of God.

Beloved, it is good to honor one another but it is better to seek the honor that comes from God because that is what affirms our eternity eventually. No matter the way any man honors us, if we do not have the honor from God, we are just miserable people, unfortunately. To get the honor of God, we must, like Christ be pleasing to Him. Let God be able to say of you that you cannot disappoint Him. To achieve this, you must possess a heart that cannot be deceived, distracted or swayed away from the way of God. When God honors you, He guards you jealously as the apple of His eye. For this, you become entitled to many treasures from the storehouse of heaven. Such are things that money cannot buy.

SOLUTION: Please make yourself adorable unto the Lord so that He may honor you with glory. Your being adorable is in being righteous; being righteous connotes obedience in all ramification unto the Lord. Abstain from things God frowns at. Those things that are inimical to love should be completely abhorred.

Father, please glorify us today for being identified with you, in Jesus’ name. We all require your reference to tell the world to stay away from us: please affirm your love to us by honoring us yourself in Jesus’ name. Help us to focus more on your honor than that of men in Jesus’ name. Let the honor bring us more positive honor from men in Jesus’ name.

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