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The I am that I am

Text: Psalms 147:5

Great is our Lord, and of great power: his understanding is infinite.

Bible Reading:

1 Chronicles 16:23-32


That which men regard as gods are mere idols: creatures of their thoughts and warped imaginations; molded and crafted by men with mere implements and materials. Our God on the other hand is great and greatly to be praised. Unlike the other gods that are the creatures of men, He is the Creator of everything visible and invincible. There is none that can lay claim to creating Him. Whenever He speaks it is done. Our God is great. His creatures speak of His might. The seas with all their contents; the fowls of the air with their numerous habitations; the earth and all creatures walking and crawling thereon; nature in all its known manifestation. Our God called them forth and they became. There is nothing God is incapacitated over, but sin.  That nauseates Him. If you will stay away from sin, then with God there is nothing you cannot achieve if it falls within His will for you. However, the extent of what you can achieve with God is determined by who you take Him to be. He is the I am that I am. This means He is to you whom you say he is: your Healer. great Provider, Resurrection and the life, the all sufficient God, mention it and you will find Him true. Some take God as one who can only heal headache after taking a pain killer and that is what they get out of Him. Others believe their God is the Creator who can replace less performing body parts and He comes through to them as such. What is it that you require to improve your living? Just know that you can have it from the All sufficient God and if you don’t doubt Him you will have it. That problem meets with solution in God today in Jesus name. Go and be fulfilled.


Lord I believe that with you all things are possible. Please lift my burdens today even as I take your easy yoke in replacement thereof in Jesus name.

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