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The Lord Be Magnified

Focus: Psalms 40:16 - KJV

16. Let all those that seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee: let such as love thy salvation say continually, The LORD be magnified.


Psalms 70:1-5


Those who are abominable before God because they always seek to do evil to the ones whom God love, are never able to genuinely praise the Lord for they often depend on the devices of their hearts to do wrong things as against the will of God. Hence, as they continue in the ways of evil, even though they pretend to be of God, there is a great gulf between them and God, and therefore they are unable to appear before the Lord. But the case is different for those whose hearts are right with the Lord. They constantly seek the Lord because they do love His salvation and prefer to remain in His way. These ones are able to say continually that the Lord be magnified. Let us together consider the matter of Saul and David. For all Saul cared, David was up to take over his throne and therefore, he had become an enemy that must be destroyed. In all his doings, he could no longer ask of God for direction as his heart had been taken over by the evil one. When he became desperate, he sought answers through a medium that he had condemned in the past. That more often than not, is the position of the evil doers: they are unable to relate properly with God as their evil deeds preclude them.


But David was not so. He would not so much as lift his hand against someone who had declared himself David’s enemy. Rather than strike and have blood on his hands, he rather retreated and pleaded for peace from his hiding place that eventually became no longer hidden. Yet, when he ran into a problem, it was not difficult for him to ask for the heifer to enquire of the Lord to the end that he had victory even when he had already been defeated. It was not difficult for him to declare openly that the Lord be magnified. Let us not be found in evil as people of God. When we are found faithful, it becomes easy to declare that the Lord be magnified continually; but when we release our hearts to operate in hurting, harming and destroying others, and celebrate such actions at times, there is no way we can demonstrate to God that we love Him and therefore, we are unable to declare that the Lord be magnified. Magnifying the Lord is a form of praise from God lovers to whom He has been, and is recognized as the faithful one.


May the Lord bestow on us the heart and enablement to magnify Him continually, in Jesus’ name. Whatever may be in our hands or any of our past deeds that may have affected the purity of our hearts before now, may the Lord purge the same today, with the blood of Jesus, in Jesus’ name. May the Lord replace every heart of stone, that is constantly prone to evil, to one of flesh that will dwell always in the love of God, in Jesus’ name. May the blessings in the praise of our God rest upon each and every one of us, this day and ever more, in Jesus’ name.


SOLUTION: Evil forestalls the heart of praise. A loving heart is easily endeared to praise. Let us therefore, eschew evil and embrace love that we may be able to sing the praise of our God, continually.



If you are blessed by this post, kindly share with your contacts, as well as others, that they may be blessed also. Thank you and may God bless you abundantly as you do so, in Jesus’ name.

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