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The Lord, My Lamp

Focus: 2 Samuel 22:29 - KJV

29. For thou art my lamp, O LORD: and the LORD will lighten my darkness.

Exodus 13:20-22

Life is full of battles and blessings. David had a fair share of these in the life he lived. He faced family battle in being kept at the backside of the desert where dangerous predators lived to watch over a few sheep; he was singled out by the prophet to be anointed privately and secretly too, a king over Israel even though a king still reigned; he volunteered to be God’s instrument for taking away the shame of Israel when they were confronted with the threat of Goliath; he became envied and hated by his king and master to the extent of issuing constant threat to his life; he became a fugitive without a definitive crime and ended up living in a cave like a monkey; he fought battles against external aggressors of Israel and internal family recalcitrant. In all that he faced, David relied on God as his Lamp. The one that lit up the wilderness for Israel on the way out of bondage is so bright that if anyone has Him, the fellow can never grope in darkness. No wonder David sang victory songs and danced more than other kings of his time.

The same Lamp is available to shed light unto your path today and always. For as long as you stay in the camp of the righteous, you have Him always brightening your path. It does not matter the category of opposition you are faced with. This Lamp is so bright that it blinds even darkness itself and ensures you are lightened up. For as long as He remained with Israel, Egypt could not over run them. For as much as the Lord is with you, no enemy can mesmerize you. Please relax and enjoy the beauty of the light coming from the Lamp.

SOLUTION: Let the light of God always shine upon your countenance for the joy of the Lord is your strength. Once you have God as Lamp, the darkness of the world cannot overwhelm you. So, subscribe to the Lamp now!

The power in the light of God will this day blind your enemies and grant you light for access to greatness and good things of life in Jesus’ name. You will never be kept in darkness ever again in Jesus’ name. The Lord Himself will keep you and no power of darkness shall be able to come near you in Jesus name. Shalom!

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