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The Lord's Counsel

Key verse: Proverbs 19:21

There are many devices in a man's heart; nevertheless the counsel of the LORD, that shall stand.

1 Samuel 19:1-5

Ordinarily, wickedness is so laid up in a man’s heart that even his Creator regretted having created him. But the Lord has invested so much in man to turn the heart of stone in him to that of flesh so that the wickedness in the heart may be replaced with love. But, alas! The hearts of many remain almost incurably wicked and only issues of wickedness proceed therefrom continually. How do we explain the case between David and Saul the king of Israel? Saul was in battle for forty days without a solution to the Philistine giant Goliath. David came and helped to end his nightmare. Yet all Saul could think of was to kill David and he enrolled many to do it for him. How much more wicked can anyone be?

Beloved, are you also experiencing pressure from people whom you have been good to but have turned against you to want to hurt you? Yours is not the first case. Such is the way of the wicked. But there is good news for you: even as they plot in their minds to mess you up, only the counsel of the Lord shall stand in your affairs. Everything Saul employed against David never worked because the counsel of the Lord is that the throne of Israel was reserved for David and his offspring. Therefore, it became impossible for the scepter of the wicked Saul to rise above the head of the faithful David. In the same way, that which the Lord has promised you will not make the scepter of your wicked pursuers to affect you in anyway until the counsel of the Lord is brought to bear in your affairs.

There is need however for us to be careful at this juncture. It is possible to fall prey of the evil one if we fail to obey the voice of the Lord. That was the case of the young prophet. Though he did exploit in the name of the Lord, he did not obey God totally. Many will tell you contrary things as coming from the Lord against what you heard directly. If God must change His directive to you, since He told you directly, He can tell you again, directly. Don’t let the enemy cause you to be devoured through his lying enterprise. God is true and He is not an author of confusion. Stick to the plan of God and the instruction you received of Him. Then, only His counsel will stand for you over the devices in the hearts of the wicked.

Pray: Father Lord, please shield me from the venom protruding from the hearts of my enemies and unfriendly friends. Don’t allow them to truncate my destiny by their devices in Jesus name.

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