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The Lord’s embrace!

Focus: Psalms 94:14 - KJV

14. For the LORD will not cast off his people, neither will he forsake his inheritance.

Psalms 94:14-19

It is a New Year, 2022. Happy New Year beloved. As we begin the new year, may the peace of God envelope our hearts in Jesus’ name. It is by God’s mercy that we are here today. That mercy makes Him to keep us in His embrace. It is that embrace that made it absolutely impossible for the enemy to run us over in the past year and with all assurance, as we remain faithful in righteousness this year, the same Lord through His embrace will shield us through and through, in Jesus name. Not only does He shield us from the enemy by His embrace in a form of defense, once in that embrace, He also moves against the enemy to discomfit them on our behalf. By this we are sure that this year, anyone who moves against us will have our Lord to contend with. Glory be to our Protector and Defender. He it is who does not allow our souls to be kept in silence. Faithful is our God.

The Lord however is a righteous judge and will only keep the righteous in His embrace and evil doers He judges. This is a pointer to us that in this new year, we must eschew evil in all its ramification if we do not want to fall off the embrace of the One who loves and protects us. There is something assuring about God: He is not a respecter of persons but He honors His word. By His word, He will not allow evil to triumph over righteousness. Hence wherever He finds righteousness, His embrace is guaranteed. Even when the embraced assumes that he would slip by the feet, the righteousness and mercy of God will keep his soul afloat. A great year is spread before us by the mercy of God. A message is coming out from the throne of Heaven: it is that if we will lead a righteous life this year, God will keep us in His embrace with all the comfort available there. Conversely, since those in His embrace enjoy His cover and help against their enemies, it means those who fail to live righteously are evil doers and may by default position themselves in enmity against the Man of War. That can be highly devastating. As those in His embrace enjoy comfort, those out of it can only have discomfort. Never pitch yourself against God this year. It can only bring negativity.

May this be the best year you have experienced so far in the name of Jesus. May the Most-High keep you in His embrace throughout the year in Jesus name. Whatever will cause you to depart from His embrace may it never happen in Jesus name. It promises to be a good year. Do enjoy the blessings in His embrace throughout in Jesus name.

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