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The Mountain Zion

Focus: Obadiah 1:17 - KJV

17. But upon mount Zion shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness; and the house of Jacob shall possess their possessions.

Obadiah 1:15-18

Often times, the tendency is for us to give literal meaning to the prophesies in the Bible whereas they have deep spiritual connotations for mankind. God is not just the God of Israel alone but that of the universe. In using Israel as a gauge while the scriptures were being written, He took the microcosm to gauge the macrocosm in the end. For instance, the mountain Zion is in the city of the north, the mountain of God’s holiness. This is the place “where God dwells” according to scriptural exposition. So, as many as are able to get on top of that mountain shall be delivered and possess their possessions in holiness. Yes, the Bible says the house of Jacob. That depicts those who are the blessed of God as against the house of Esau who lost the opportunity to be blessed due to lust. Then, the house of Jacob shall be fire and his offspring, Joseph, flame. Of course, this is so in that they are ignited from the mountain of God where they are present spiritually. Unfortunately, while the house of Jacob possesses their possessions in holiness, the house of Esau shall be stubbles, susceptible to be burnt. We had written in the past by the help of the Holy Spirit how every man on earth dwells in darkness but only those that locate the light of Christ and follow His way are catapulted to the top of the mountain of light. That is the Zion of the Lord. Those who are so catapulted have their possessions in the light while the others are mere stubbles that will be burnt in the end.

Beloved, your possessions are waiting for you on the mountain Zion if you can access the mountain. In the world, there are only tribulations available for you. If only you can get yourself to the mountain of light through the help of the One who has overcome the world, there you will receive your deliverance as you are drawn out of the perturbing darkness that brings tribulations into the marvelous light on the mountain Zion. Take the bold step today. Don’t delay. Joy awaits you on Zion.

SOLUTION: Only one bold spiritual step translates from the city of Esau to the City of Jacob that brings one to the Mountain Zion: just believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is the Christ and that He has died for your sin and reconciled you to the Father who dwells in Zion. If you genuinely do this, you will experience a transformation as you start to operate from Mount Zion.

Father, you dwell in the light eternal. Please we also detest darkness and want to be delivered from it. By your mercy therefore, please set our feet upon your holy mountain that we may be delivered once and for all and possess that which you had prepared for us on earth even from now in the name of Jesus Christ. The tribulation in the world is daunting and making a mess of the lives of many, please help us to step out of the tribulation and remain in our possessions on Zion in Jesus’ name.


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