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The Night Cometh

Focus: John 9:4 - KJV

4. I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.

Psalms 90:12

Recently, there was a wedding announcement and everyone started to rejoice. Along the line, one of the parents of the would-be bride was in conversation with a bosom friend who was also a witness of the upbringing of the girl and she said, “can you imagine, all these little girls of those days that we ran after for their safety are also turning to parents”. It points to the fact that the parents are growing so old already. Meanwhile, our example, Jesus Christ, knowing the exigency of time, was so prompt about the work that He was sent to do and got focused on doing it. Anyone that fails to do what he ought to do while still youthful and full of strength will be confronted with disappointment when it becomes late in their time on earth before they start to make effort. There is a time called night time when it is difficult to work productively. That should not be the time to strive to work for anyone who is wise and has a focus.

There is time now for us to make impact in life. Let us no longer procrastinate regarding our purpose and targets. Whatever the Lord has directed us to do, let us do on time. For instance, the injunction to go into all the world and preach the Gospel is urgent and we ought to step into it with the urgency it deserves. Oh! Your work is time consuming? Good enough. You can partner with those with platforms to deliver the mandate and assuredly, it will be counted for you. Nevertheless, wherever you find yourself, make sure you are not mute concerning the spread of the Gospel. It is yet day; let’s work.

SOLUTION: Time waits for no one. Put every hindrance aside and make God happy by doing His bidding NOW!

Father, we are sorry for every procrastination in the past. Please forgive us all in Jesus’ name. We are ready to still do your work while the night is yet to come; please strengthen us to accomplish much in the remaining time before the night comes in Jesus’ name. Please don’t let our time on earth be a waste regarding the mission you have committed to us in Jesus’ name.

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