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The Steps Of The Just

Focus: Proverbs 4:12 - KJV

12. When thou goest, thy steps shall not be straitened; and when thou runnest, thou shalt not stumble.

Proverbs 4:10-19

A just man is one that is instructed of God; he is God’s son. He hearkens to the instructions of his father and therefore wherever he goes, his steps are not narrowed to cause him to be slowed down or slower than his peers in whatever they do; and he has stability in his swag even when he runs. Compared with the wicked who sleeps not until he does mischief or cause others to fall, he is always abiding by the instructions of God and therefore upright. Look at Elijah for instance: when famine overtook the land of Israel in the days of Ahab, Elijah declared that rain should come and as soon as he saw the impending performance of the declaration, he told Ahab to proceed quickly as rain was about to fall. Alas, Ahab went on his chariots drawn by horses while Elijah went afoot. Yet Elijah preceded Ahab to get to the entrance of Jezreel. Ahab as a king was a wicked person who, with his wife made Israel to go after another god, Baal. He was also noted for taking over the asset of another unjustly. A mischief maker and maker of men to fall he was. But Elijah, on the other hand, was the one that caused Israel to return to their God and the instiller of truth and righteousness in Israel. Other examples abound in scripture of God ordering the steps of the righteous and making the wicked to stumble. But it is possible for a once just person to turn away from his just ways and become one of the wicked. God is never happy with such a being in that he calls God a liar and an unjust God. Scriptures say his ending will be worse than his beginning.

Beloved, it is sweeter to be a just man than to be one of the wicked. Every time you work to make any fall, you are showing traits of wickedness which leads only to destruction. Also, mischief is the product of the wicked and makes him an agent of darkness. Think about it: why through mischief make others to fall? Those who fall are being rerouted to darkness. Why must anyone have a hand in doing that? The mind of God for you is to keep you just and order your steps that you may cover great grounds in a short-while and never stumble or fall while doing so. The vivid example of this is thriving in business without having to bribe, steal or cut corners in any way. Does this represent you?

SOLUTION: To obey is better than sacrifice. Those who enjoy the leading of the Spirit of God are the sons of God. Therefore, follow always the instruction of God and never depart from it, no matter the circumstance. Doing so guarantees your shining more and more unto the perfect day.

Father, we want to shine with you. Help us to stand always in your instruction and never depart from it in Jesus’ name. Please separate permanently between us and wickedness in Jesus’ name. Forgive us for our past mischiefs and waywardness that made others to fall and help us never to return to such path again in Jesus’ name.


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