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The True God

Focus: Jeremiah 10:10 - KJV

10. But the LORD is the true God, he is the living God, and an everlasting king: at his wrath the earth shall tremble, and the nations shall not be able to abide his indignation.

Deuteronomy 32:1-8

There is a growing problem on earth which borders on the identification of the true God. Very many seek God but get introduced to the lie of the devil rather than the true God. There was a time in the days of the scripture, when nations sought God. Israel was hinged unto the living God and put the evidence of His being alive together, put them into an ark which they called the ark of the covenant. Whenever they had the ark with them, they believed that the living God was near them, and their confidence was built up. On the other hand, when their neighbors saw the ark, fear gripped them as they had heard what Israel had achieved when this God was in their midst. So, there was the Philistine nation; they had a version of a god unto themselves. Incidentally, they believed so much in this their god which they called Dagon, represented by a wooden object. They never took time to check and confirm that Dagon was never alive but an ordinary wood.

The living God, though unseen like Dagon, has great powers and His works are seen all around us. When the ark was seized by the Philistines and kept in the same room with Dagon, the latter was found first lying face down before the ark, and later with the wooden limbs broken. This is the bane of those who rely on non-existent beings as God. When the living God arises in His jealousy, the earth under the idol worshippers shake and the people are devastated. If we take time to reason the things happening to the nations today, we will truly discover that they are the effect of pushing the living and true God aside to give credence to a non-existent being as God.

Let us not be drawn into abdicating our God for a dead wood or being. Rather, let us profess loudly, the power of our God and His works in our lives so that through our testimonies, many more may come to the saving grace of our God. Those who keep annoying the living God by turning to other beings suffer so much for doing so, just that even in their suffering state, they are blinded from knowing where their fall started. We ought not to be like them. We should hide ourselves in the name of the living God, which is a strong tower, for our safety, always.

SOLUTION: Do not for any reason place your trust in a being you do not understand his basis. God can be discovered in His words and He proves Himself in our lives from time to time. This living God that shows you that He is the I am, hang on to Him, tenaciously.

Please pray thus: Father, I just know that you are the only living God and I promise never to depart from you even as you help me by your Spirit. Please keep me in yourself to the end, in Jesus’ name. Let no god or its followers, assert any impact over my life in any manner, my dear Lord and God, in Jesus’ name.

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