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The Worthy Lord!

Key verse: Revelation 4:11

Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

John 1:1-5

When a master purchased a servant/slave in the days of slavery, the master had the power of life and death over the slave, particularly when the master no longer had pleasure in the slave. Part of the things that brought displeasure then included disobedience, dishonor, disrespect or common misbehavior. Back in the days then, slaves were leashed like common animals and they had no right at all to complain or protest lest they died. In parenthesis, God is greater and bigger than any slave master. He first owns everything there is or had been as He created them all. Even though man, of the creatures disobeyed Him and was fit for death, He decided by Himself to take up the flesh of man and die instead of man. By this act, He did not only have rights as Creator but also as the One who paid the ransom for our lives. Meaning in ordinary parlance, we are His slaves through purchase. He however has decided not to treat us as slaves but friends and if we like as His children and lover.

There is nothing more anyone can hope for that God has not done for man. He therefore deserves all glory, honor and adoration. Anyone who fails to fulfil His pleasure puts himself at the peril of great discomfort. Ask Nebuchadnezzar! When his life brought no pleasure to God, though he be king, but as “slave” to the Most-High, he was banished into the forest as half man half beast for seven solid years. Herod’s case was worse as it was without redemption. He was recreated into irritating worms for his misdeed. Absalom had his neck hung up by branches that warred against his army and was so suspended for his assailant to kill. Saul fell from being equated among the prophets into becoming a mad king. Solomon messed up the kingdom that was to continue in his lineage and it was divided with a lesser portion reserved for his lineage. The list is endless.

What is that thing you are engaged in that brings displeasure to God? Why are we so relaxed in sin thinking none can challenge us? Why do we speak exceeding so proudly because of ephemeral things we believe we have attained or acquired? Why don’t we revere God as God in our doings? He is still the same that brought judgment on the people of old. Please stop taking Him for granted.

Pray: Father, help me that I may never lose focus of your preeminence in all things and therefore give you deserving reverence in Jesus name.

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