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Time To Break Up The Fallow Ground

Focus: Hosea 10:12 - KJV

12. Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground: for it is time to seek the LORD, till he come and rain righteousness upon you.

Galatians 6:6-10

Happy New Month dearly beloved. As this year is winding down, we believe God for a happy ending in Jesus’ name. Today, the Lord is inviting us to break up our fallow ground. But what is that to us? In the ancient Israeli traditions, land is cultivated for a number of years and allowed a sabbath, which is to leave the land to heal. Upon the healing, since the land had not been cultivated, it is said to be fallowed and will require some tilling to prepare it for another round of planting. For us, as the year is running to an end, many people have been mesmerized by the darkness that has pervaded the whole earth at this time. And because of it, they have been wearied of doing favors or drawing the needy near. However, if we cease to sow, we have no basis for expecting a harvest. For God is not mocked: it is what a man sows that he reaps. Many from the beginning of the year have sown to the flesh in that they had departed from doing good to others particularly members of the household of faith. Well, the Lord is saying those who do that can only expect to reap from the flesh. Meaning, if we sow neglect, the harvest can only be greater neglect. The invitation is to sow in righteousness things that depict the spirit which is love. Anyone that does that can only reap love in humongous proportions.

Beloved, there is a harvest coming in the new year. If we leave the ground to remain fallow now, we are not going to be mentioned among the harvesters. Please break up the fallow ground! Return to the path of good doing. Ignore the things that the enemy has brought upon the world. Refuse to be weary in well-doing. Take up the gauntlet to sow love to people in need particularly members of the household of faith. One thing is assured, even if some of the seeds do not germinate, others will and there will be a sure harvest. Don’t allow the planting season to go by without you planting or sowing your seed. It is when you do so that you are assured of hearing that commendation from the Lord which says “when I was hungry you gave me to eat”. Please act on this.

SOLUTION: Locate the needy around you and give something that will put a smile on their faces as you wish them happy new month. Doing so make them feel recognized and worthy of the society. There are IDP camps scattered all over the world that you may visit with some items of food and clothing. Those who will go the extra mile in planting will depopulate the camps by accepting some into their free buildings.

Father, we receive from you today the heart to love our neighbors like ourselves. Help us to put this to performance in Jesus’ name. Even as we set out to sow seeds of love today, do ensure we receive in return and before this month is over and without fail, in the new year, a bountiful harvest of goodness in Jesus’ name. And do make this month a month to remember for good in Jesus’ name.

Please share to others. God bless you as you do.

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