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Treat All Well

Focus: Proverbs 25:21-22 - KJV

21. If thine enemy be hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he be thirsty, give him water to drink: 22. For thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head, and the LORD shall reward thee.

Matthew 5:43-48

The concept of enmity is a phenomenon that every Christian ought to understand so as to properly fit into the purpose of God. The Bible records that the enemy of man is the devil. Indeed, every man is related to one another in the final analysis, having proceeded from the same source. What makes a brother consider his brother or kin an enemy is simply deception brought by the devil. If when a thought of offense comes to heart, we make effort to check with the supposed offender before plunging into war, we will realize that most of the battles we plunge ourselves into against our kin are absolutely uncalled for. Nonetheless, to ensure we do not run afoul of God in judging someone to be an enemy, those of the household of faith are advised to pray for our “enemies”. That is what makes the difference between us and those of the world. For, if we are kind to those who are kind to us, we do no mean fete! We are not different from the ordinary. To be like our Father in heaven, we must show love to our “enemies”. By that we are able to win some back to the faith. Job had his turn with the devil. But his friends mesmerized him more by adding salt to his already perturbing injury. Yet, the Lord asked that he prayed for them. Why? Because they operated from a position of ignorance thinking they knew better. When Job prayed, Job got blessed beyond his expectation.

Don’t let the misgivings of that your erstwhile friend cost you of your place in eternity. Indeed, it can also cost you of benefits here on earth if you don’t let go and let God. It is the Lord that has instructed that you pray for him/them. They are wicked? Sure! The more reason you should pray so that God will turn them from wickedness to love by your good deeds towards them. There is a place the Lord has prepared for you: you can only attain it when you graduate to the height of praying for your enemies and winning them over.

SOLUTION: Look not to the wickedness hauled at you by man. Rather look to the love of God in keeping you unhurt thereby. See that the man is only a tool in the hand of the real enemy and move to please God by loving the supposed enemy despite his misgivings and misdeeds. God loves those who do that as they present the likeness of God thereby.

Dear Father, the task to show love to someone who physically sends wickedness our ways is ordinarily difficult but we are confident to do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Please strengthen us therefore to be able to love our enemies meaningfully in Jesus’ name. Help us so that as we pray for them and love them, we will not end up regretting as their casualties in the end, in Jesus’ name. We seek to be like you. Please aid us in this matter that we may finish well and strong in Jesus’ name.

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