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Tree of Life available again

Focus: John 6:35 - KJV

35. And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.

Genesis 3:22-24

When the Lord created man as a living soul, He put man in a garden with numerous trees and fruits including the fruits from the tree of life which ordinarily supplied needed nourishment for the living soul to continue to thrive in life. But when man sinned against God and fell short of the glory given to him, he lost the living soul and became a caricature of himself having become naked from sin. In judging him, God banished him from the garden and of course the tree of life which ordinarily would have revitalized the soul had it been that man sought mercy after he sinned. Nonetheless, God is not wicked. Just that when He sets the perimeters, He remains righteous in judgment. Hence, He made an escape for man to have access to the tree of life in Himself by taking the form of man to die instead of man so that every man that partakes of his sacrifice, eats from the tree of life by so doing and is granted the life that eluded Adam upon sinning. Therefore, everyone that partakes in the sacrificial Lamb, Jesus Christ, eats the bread of life which is from the tree of life.

We have seen how so much the devil keeps deceiving people from partaking of the tree of life just like he deceived them into eating the forbidden fruit in the beginning. Ironically, no one wants to die, yet the antidote to death is prescribed and many are abstaining from it. Not only do they abstain, those used to prescribe the diagnosis to them are held in contempt. If they are not mauled as being holier than thou, they are called deputy god or such derogatory terms. Incidentally, everyone who is so persecuted for righteousness sake is happy and rejoices in that he gets approval from the Creator, His employer. But it beats one to observe people in emergency wards refusing to take prescriptions from those who are well and well-meaning. The Great Physician has offered His body as the best and, as it is, the only therapy against death for man. As many as accepts His sacrifice and eats, in a manner of speaking, His sacrificed body by believing in the works He did for our salvation, will not perish but have, not only life, but life more abundantly.

SOLUTION: Stop listening to the multitude of counsel that suggests the Church is evil! the Church is Christ's vehicle of making the tree of Life available to you again. Seek the truth of the Word of God; be guided in it always and hold on to what Christ prescribes without turning back. Resist the devil and his army of liars trying to draw you away from the tree today.

What shall we then say? As you accept the sacrifice of Christ, may the Lord restore you fully to life and give you life more abundantly from now in Jesus name. May the life you live on earth from now show blossomy colors and great beauty from the life you have received of Christ in Jesus name. Eat and live. God bless you.

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