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Trust In God

Focus: Psalms 56:11 – KJV

11. In God have I put my trust: I will not be afraid what man can do unto me.

Psalms 56:1-11

The word of God is that the heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it. Since it is established by the word of God that man by his heart is wicked, there is no gain saying that placing reliance on man is to expect wickedness in the end. But it was not so in the beginning. When God created the man, He put in him the heart of love that even mere animals enjoyed his company which by the way caused the enemy to enter into the serpent, the woman’s friend so as to deceive her. But since wickedness entered into man, even God regretted that He made the man. Hence, although love believes all things and trusts all, it is important to be wary of putting trust in man. Trust placed in man brings about wickedness or at the least disappointment. However, since God is the One that rules and reigns in the affairs of man, it is better to put our trust in Him absolutely. When we do, He puts the enemy at bay no matter the arsenal he wields. He ensures our safety and where we had been devastated, He gives us hope of restoration and restores us. David suffered sore under the tyranny of Saul. He was going to place his trust in Jonathan who seemed to love him. But Jonathan, being man had his limitation against his father who was king at the time. Hence, all the assurance given to David by him ended being vain as even he put himself in danger in wanting to defend David before his father. So, David stayed with God and was not disappointed.

The month of February ends today and the year is already on. Please do not depend on any man to help you in any way. When the help comes, glorify God for it but please look up to God alone for your help. Trust shifted from God to man is dangerous play. No matter what the situation may be playing out, God is absolutely reliable. Never leave Him to depend on another.

SOLUTION: Since God is true, powerful and real, place all your trust concerning any issue in Him. Fear may come from time to time, please do not entertain fear as fear is a vote of no confidence in God. Trust in God.

Pray: Father, I put all my trust in you and I know that you will not fail me. As this month ends today, put an end to all issues sending doubt and fear my way in the name of Jesus. Make me the wonder that you promised to make me now in Jesus name. Thank you father Lord.

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