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Trust The Lord Forever

Key verse: Isaiah 26:4

Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength:

Isaiah 40:28-31

When a child becomes used to the father, he trusts the father to protect him against injury or enemy wound. If the father stands at a very low space and tells the child to jump from very high up, the child jumps in the belief that the father would bear him up to prevent a fall. But it is possible for human fathers to slip or miscalculate in a way that the child may fall or get injured for by strength shall no man prevail. There is a God who cannot faint, slip or be weary in taking the charge over the affairs of His children. He is a Father who is better and stronger than the human father in the affairs of His children. When we trust in Him, He takes care of us better than the earthly father.

Samson, in wanting to avenge himself over the actions of the Philistines against him, set their farm ablaze through the tails of foxes. The philistines moved against Samson’s kins that they may deliver him to account for his offensive action. His kins went to him to get him delivered to the enemy. By so doing, they had betrayed Samson’s trust in them. But Samson had confidence in the power of the Spirit of the Lord that he was endowed with from birth. So, he surrendered himself. The Lord came through for him and the chord with which he was bound gave way like it was burnt with fire. He went on to devour a thousand men from the enemy’s camp with the jaw bone of an ass. On the other hand, there was a Pharaoh that depended on horses and chariots. They availed him in some battles that made him a powerful king at the time. When he however met with those whose trust resided in God, he was buried alive under the Red Sea with his army and the chariots.

If we can put reliance and trust in the Lord, then are we able to wait on Him and depend on Him to overcome our foes. Losing focus in battle is a terrible flaw that can lead to real casualty. Samson lost focus and he became a joke in the hands of his enemies. Israel lost focus against Balak who sought to destroy them. They sinned against God in whoring with strange women who caused the eyes of God to be away from them and they were struck with a plague. Trusting in God is perpetually necessary. Anytime we lose focus with Him, we expose ourselves to danger in the hands of those who are never relenting in their pursuit for our souls. Only in God is our safety guaranteed. Trust Him forever.

Pray: Father, I have no other help but you. Please guard me jealously as the apple of your eyes forever in Jesus name.

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