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Victory through God

Text: Psalms 60:12

Through God we shall do valiantly: for he it is that shall tread down our enemies.

Read: Luke 22:31-34

The Lord made it clear to us that we wrestle not with flesh and blood and therefore everyone who looks carnally at another as enemy misses the point. God who knows all things is the one who can identify without missing, who the real enemy is.

At a point in his life and before he took over as the head of the Church, Peter was in appearance Jesus’ “enemy”. It was he who would rather Jesus did not fulfill destiny; it was he who denied Him three times before He was eventually crucified; it was He who was going to derail the faith by making the others return to their vomit after the death of Christ. Of course, Jesus recognized these in Peter but knew that it was the real enemy (Satan) who sort to sift him like wheat but Christ prayed for Peter so that in the end He tread down the enemy for Peter to succeed.

Even if there are human agents that the enemy is using to buffet you, it is only through God that you are truly able to overcome. Don’t go trying to fight for yourself as you may end up tampering with those whom the Lord has chosen for you to aid the fulfilment of your destiny. Stop waging war against that colleague or boss or subordinate. Commit all things into the hands of God. If truly they are enemies, you can do valiantly against them through God who shall tread them down for you. The story of Haman and Mordechai should be fresh in our memories. God tread down Haman for Mordechai. If you insist on fighting for yourself, you may end up becoming the aggressing enemy whom God shall tread down.

Did you just say God forbid? For God to forbid it, let your victory come through Him and not by your carnal deeds. As the year is going to an end, God will fight for you and make your enemies your footstool in Jesus name. Leave them to Him; He sees and knows them all.


Father, I commit all the battles of my life into your hands, please tread down the enemies of my well-being for me even before this year is finally over in Jesus name.

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